Ba Jun Xiong Fei

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"Follow the instructions of Guo Lao and bury them alive." The two young men were surprised, and Lingling shouted angrily, "Hubbert, you are not a human being!"

"Follow the instructions of Guo Lao and bury them alive." The two young men were surprised, and Lingling shouted angrily, "Hubbert, you are not a human being!" Hubbert sneered, "You should blame your father for this. He told me to do this. This account can't be charged to us. Now he just wants to betray us. It's useless. I'm the only one who knows where the jewelry is hidden. Lingling, if you want to get the jewelry back, you have to compromise with me." Lingling said angrily, "You are dreaming. People like you have lost all their humanity. Loulan will never want such scum as you!" Hubbert smiled and said, "To tell you the truth, Lingling, your father taught me how to use means to control everything. It doesn't matter whether we go back to Loulan or not. With these jewels, we can't go there. Don't you want to be queen?"? That's easy to do, we find another life, take jewelry, away from the desert. "I won't go with you," said Lingling. "Besides,stainless steel tube fitting, I have to bring someone with me. I will bring you back to the ends of the earth." "It's impossible for you to leave me," Hubbert said coldly. "You have no other way but to be my wife." Lingling said coldly, "Don't think about it all your life!" "I'm going to conquer you now," Hubbert said with a smirk. With an evil light in his eyes, Lingling said fearlessly, "If you want my body,14 needle valve, I won't resist, but be careful, I'll kill you!" "I'd like to see if you dare. If you kill me, you'll never get the jewels," Hubbert laughed wildly. Smiling, he rushed up and pushed Lingling down to the ground. Lingling only struggled a little, and then he pushed her down. With a brush, Hubbert tore her blouse and exposed her plump and strong chest. Bangurdavasi's eyes lit up at once and he stared greedily at Lingling's body. "Are you interesting, too?" Hubbert said with a smile. The two men were startled at the same time. "We dare not," they said. "It doesn't matter," said Hubbert with a laugh. "When I've enjoyed it, you can come back. You don't think I want her to be my wife. You don't think the queen is so sacred. When you look back, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,12 needle valve, you'll find that you're as humble as a bitch!" Lingling was originally very cold, by this kind of humiliation, also can not help, gesture a flip, a dagger out! But Hubbert, who had been on guard, grabbed the dagger and threw it far away. "You can't hold your breath," he said with a smile. "When I'm riding on you, you'll have a much better chance of success if you stab me again. But when the time comes, I'm afraid you won't want to kill me!" Lingling clenched her teeth and said, "You're not a person, you're a rich man!" Hubbert slapped her in the face and said coldly, "This is your father's sin. He didn't treat us as human beings. How can we do human things? So others can scold us for not being human beings, but you can't. You can only scold your father Chen Keming, because he caused this!" He tore off all Lingling's clothes. Half of Lingling's body was already swollen. Blood oozed from the corners of her mouth, but there was a cold light in her eyes. Hubbert took off his clothes and said with a sneer, "If you want to cut off your tongue, I won't stop you. But I won't let you go either. Even if you die, I will achieve my goal on your body." Lingling said coldly, 'I won't commit suicide. At least I won't commit suicide at this time. I will hold my breath until you are not prepared. I will not cut you into pieces. Come on!'! Bastard! She closed her eyes, but spread her legs. Her cold manner and tone made Hubbert laugh, but the scene made him unable to stop. Finally, he jumped up and said with a smile, "I'll see if you are willing to give up." Both Bangu and Dawasi had long necks and big eyes, with evil, animalistic light in their eyes! Because of this, they did not find the action of the nearby thin dragon, the horse has quietly approached, suddenly a long hiss. Hubbert's mouth was sucking greedily on Lingling's body. Suddenly he heard the horse's neigh and jumped up in surprise. The thin flower seemed to be waiting for his action, because he was pressing on Lingling's body, and his hind hooves were hard to kick. As soon as Hubbert jumped up, the thin dragon's hind hooves rose sharply, and with a bang, a hoof kicked Hubbert in the stomach. Hubbert's men were all kicked up and fell on the sand with a bang. Fortunately, he had a good foundation in martial arts and was lucky in advance. His stomach was not the key. Although he was soft, he had no bones, so the blow did not cause much harm. After taking two breaths,38 needle valve, Hubbert jumped up and said, "Bangu and Dawasi, you two kill this beast for me!" 。