The second sex

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Another duty readily given to a woman by a man is to weigh the weight of value. She is a privileged judge.

Another duty readily given to a woman by a man is to weigh the weight of value. She is a privileged judge. Men dream of the other, not only to possess her, but also to get her approval. To be recognized by other men, his colleagues, he must constantly maintain a state of tension, so he hopes that external care can give his life, his career and himself an absolute value. God's concern is mysterious, alien, and disturbing, and even in the age of faith, only a few mystics desire it. This sacred role is often assumed by women. She is the other, so she is outside the world of men and can observe the world objectively. And she has a close relationship with men, so she will not establish values that are contrary to his nature. On every special occasion, she alone can report the existence of courage,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, strength, and beauty, and confirm their general value to the outside world. By playing a spectator role to each other, the men get too deeply involved in their co-operative and competitive relationship. The woman is outside this conflict: her whole situation dooms her to the role of a spectator. A knight fights on a horse for his mistress, a poet seeks a woman's approval. When rashgnac planned his conquest of Paris,Time Delay Faucet, he first intended to have women, not so much to possess them physically as to enjoy the reputation that only they could give to men. Balzac vividly shows his own experience in his youth through the young protagonists: he began to educate and shape himself in the company of his older mistresses, and women did not only play the role of educators in his Lily in the Valley. Women are also assigned this role in Flaubert's The Education of the Emotions, Stendhal's novels, and other stories about the lives of apprentices. As we have already mentioned, the woman is both natural and unnatural: that is, she is the embodiment of nature and of society. As we have seen in chivalric poetry, in the Decameron and the Astrid, she encapsulates the civilization and culture of an age. She introduces new fashions, she hosts salons, stainless steel shower tray ,Flush Retrofit Kit, influences and reflects public opinion. Prestige and glory are women; while Mallame says, "The masses are a woman". Young men, accompanied by women, step into "society" and into the complex reality called "life". Women are the special prize destined for heroes, adventurers, and rude individualists. In ancient times, we see Langertheus rescuing Andromeda, Orpheus going to Hades to find the governor, and the Trojans fighting to defend the beautiful Helen. Knight novels are mainly about the bravery of rescuing captured princesses. If Prince Charming doesn't wake up Sleeping Beauty, what can he possess? The myth of a king marrying a shepherdess pleases men as much as women. The rich man needs to give, otherwise his useless wealth is abstract: he must have a giver by his side. The myth of Cinderella, which is treated with sincerity in Philip Wylie's "The Serpent's Offspring", is especially prevalent in rich countries like the United States. How can men spend their extra money if it's not spent on a woman? Except for others. Orson Weiss, in "Citizen Kane," also embodied that kind of imperial disingenuous generosity: Kane decided to add luster to his own power by showering an unknown singer with gifts and forcing the public to recognize her as a great diva. In France, we can name many little people like Citizen Kane. When the protagonist of another film, Critical Moment, returns from India with absolute wisdom, he feels that the only thing he needs to do with this wisdom is to redeem a prostitute. It is clear that men, dreaming of being a giver, liberator, and savior, are still longing for women's obedience; that in order to awaken Sleeping Beauty, Sleeping Beauty must be unconscious; that if there is a captive princess, there must be demons around. However, the more a man enjoys a difficult career, the more he will be happy to give a woman independence. Conquest is more desirable than gift or liberation. So the average Western man's ideal of a woman is one who is free to be dominated by him, who does not echo what others say, but who also yields to his arguments, who defends tactfully, and who ends up admitting her mistake. The greater his pride, the more dangerous the risk he wanted to take: conquering Pentecilia was more spectacular than marrying the obedient Cinderella. Nietzsche said, "a brave man loves danger and sports.". That is why he loves women,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, the most dangerous of all sports. A man who likes danger and sports does not want to see a woman become a warrior if he hopes to conquer her. What he hoped in his heart was that the struggle was a game for him, but for the woman it was related to her fate. Whether a man is a liberator or a conqueror, his true victory can only lie in the fact that a woman frankly admits that he is her destiny.