Save the Prodigal Old Attack Quickly

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Of course there was no danger, and he could hear the major's voiceover. To your disappointment, there are no rare treasures in it.

Of course there was no danger, and he could hear the major's voiceover. To your disappointment, there are no rare treasures in it. Inside is the ancestral temple of the Song family, which worships the ancestors of the Song family. It took me a little time to clean it again because it had not been repaired for a long time. "Brother Ding is benevolent and righteous." The major's face showed a trace of disappointment, but he believed Tang yuan's words. After all, Tang yuan had nothing but a book in his hand. Seeing the major put his eyes on the ancient books in his hands, Tang yuan smiled faintly, "This book is the genealogy of the ancestors of the Song family. Is the major interested in reading it?" The major quickly shook his head and said, "No, no. The family tree is the most important thing in the Song family. Brother Ding, you'd better keep it." Did Tang yuan really get nothing? Naturally not. On this trip to the ancestral temple, both Tang yuan, who wanted to know the truth, and Deng Bailian, who was looking for a treasure, got what they wanted. [Hey hey, although there is no treasure of heaven and earth, it is worthwhile to get the real inheritance secret skill of the Song family!] Yes, before Tang yuan left, according to Song Yangyun's last words, he found the real practice method of the Song family in Yanwu Mainland. In this world where ancient martial arts are prevalent,collapsible pallet box, most of the skills, formations and martial arts of the Song family can not be used because of the thin Reiki and the suppression of heaven. But this has no restrictions on Tang yuan. He got the skills handed down from generation to generation by the Song family. Maybe one day he will be able to use them even if he really goes to the realm of cultivation. All right, baby, you've seen what you should see. Can you come with me? Su Chenyang said impatiently. Tang yuan frowned, "where on earth do you want to take me?" "Oh, you'll know when you get there!" Su Chenyang could not help saying that he immediately pulled Tang yuan in the direction he had left before. After the major watched the two men leave, he had no choice but to call the person in charge here to prepare a place to rest and eat for the two young masters who only knew how to play. Because the setting sun is about to disappear, Su Chenyang's pace of progress is much more urgent. Baby,wholesale plastic pallet, hurry up, you won't see it later! Do not understand what Su Chenyang is going to do, but Tang yuan is still very cooperative to speed up the speed. Ten minutes later, the two of them came to the big stone that Su Chenyang had chosen before. Whew, I finally caught up! Su Chenyang's face showed a big smile, "how is it, baby?"? Beautiful! Tang yuan was shocked by the spectacular scene in front of him, he did not have the autonomy to go ahead, to go to the edge of the big stone, look into the distance. In the distance, there are endless mountains, which are so magnificent against the background of a red sea of clouds. What surprised Tang yuan even more was that when he went down, the ruins of the Song family happened to be at his feet. In the afterglow of the sunset, the ancient buildings with broken walls look so spectacular. Colorful purples and Reds are blooming everywhere, like this, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic bulk containers, all of them are paid to the broken well and the decadent wall. This sentence suddenly appeared in his mind, and Tang yuan murmured to himself: "Beautiful scenery on a beautiful day.." This little goat is quite romantic. Hey hey, what a set!] More romance is yet to come! Tang yuan gazed at the ruins of the Song family for a long time, until his neck was sore. When he looked up at the sky, the setting sun was like blood, and a melancholy of self-pity rose. It was not until his eyes were full of the blush of the sunset that Tang yuan slowly turned around. The moment he looked back, he saw Su Chenyang kneeling on one knee! Su Chenyang's face with a gentle smile to the extreme, and the eyes are so affectionate. The blush in Tang yuan's eyes has not yet disappeared. At this moment, Su Chenyang is covered with the brilliance of the sunset, and he is holding a delicate box in his hand, on which two glittering platinum rings are neatly displayed. Darling, will you marry me? [Nani? Beg, propose?] Tang yuan was stunned. This is the second time that Tang yuan has been shocked since he entered the world. The first time was with Su Chenyang first met, the unexpected discovery of its body rich black group, when he almost out of control. Looking at Su Chenyang kneeling on one knee, looking at the two silver-white platinum rings in his hands, Tang yuan for the first time gave birth to a mood that he did not know what to do. Propose. Ring Mo Junze. Tang yuan's mind flashed Mo Junze again, flashed Mo Junze's unbelievable appearance when he heard his death, flashed the two rings that fell to the ground. [Oh my God!!!] [I'm going to cry! I'm going to cry!] The little goat actually proposed, actually proposed here! So romantic! I'm so touched! Purr I'm really going to cry!!!] Tang yuan, what are you waiting for? Say yes!!!] Tang yuan was silent, and Su Chenyang did not speak for a long time. Su Chenyang is very calm on the surface, but deep in his heart he is extremely nervous. [Promise him! Promise him!] [Damn! Why don't you say yes? Dead Tang yuan, smelly Tang yuan! You didn't promise to let me come! Ah, little goat, dear little girl! I do! I really do!] Tang yuan: [You shut up!!!] Last time, he missed Mo Junze's proposal. Now, he was proposed by Su Chenyang. Two time and space, two people, at this moment is very harmonious into one. Mo Junze said, "Dear, will you marry me?" Su Chenyang said, "Dear, will you marry me?" In the afterglow of the setting sun, Tang yuan'saw 'the man kneeling on one knee, sometimes turning into Mo Junze, sometimes turning back into Su Chenyang. Marry him.. After a long time, Tang yuan finally found his voice. You Why are you doing this? Su Chenyang's face is unprecedented serious, he held his head high and gazed at Tang yuan affectionately, "Baby, I can't fall in love with someone else in my life, and you won't be looking for someone else.". I love you, and I, Su Chenyang, am sure that I will only love you in this life. Baby, maybe you can't be sure whether you love me or not, but it doesn't matter,heavy duty plastic pallet, anyway, you can't fall in love with someone else in this life. Give me a chance to love you with all my heart, OK? 。