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Gu Yaoguang nodded, knowing that the enemy had a true cultivator, refining Bijin water, he tried to refine a lot of Xingshen Dan for a rainy day, did not expect to really use it.

Gu Yaoguang nodded, knowing that the enemy had a true cultivator, refining Bijin water, he tried to refine a lot of Xingshen Dan for a rainy day, did not expect to really use it. The team was completely chaotic, many children had fainted in the past, not fainted in the past were scattered, ran to the starship, ran to the landing ship, and some even stuffy head to the man in black there, fortunately was Qin Lang in time to embrace the waist, sent to the team. We must make a quick decision. Those who cultivate truth can hold their breath, but ordinary people can't. The longer the time is delayed, the more chaotic it will be. Awakening Pill? You actually have an alchemy spectrum! The man in black's eyes suddenly brightened and released a pile of light balls, which were still not aimed at Gu Yaoguang. This time, the target was directed at Qin Lang, Du Ruo and Lu Ying. It seems that this trip will be fruitful again. Warm and clear voice with a smile, the speaker is a face of hostility, greedy eyes, ugly. Qin Lang snorted coldly, holding Du Ruo and Lu Ying in his hands, but his movements were extremely agile,plastic pallet manufacturer, and a flip evaded the black ball of light. The ball of light hit the air, hit the bulkhead, "boom" and "boom" a few times, and smashed several holes in the starship's inner cabin. Gu Yaoguang and Qin Lang were startled and instantly put away a little carelessness. They looked at each other and pounced on the man in black. We can't delay any longer. We must take the man in black away from the place. Du Ruo and Lu Ying, who were saved by Qin Lang, were so frightened that they could not open their legs and feet. Qin Lang struggled with the man in black. He turned around and shouted, "You two should run. Don't be in a daze. Run with your men." Only then did Du Ruo and Lu Ying wake up from their shock and fear, dragging the people around them with soft legs and rushing into the starship. Everyone who has fainted can help me and keep up with me. The two men ran and shouted. Gu Yaoguang and Qin Lang escaped the attack of the man in black one after another,mobile garbage bin, and took the man in black away from the cabin door, but the black smoke spread quickly and filled the whole space. And to make matters worse, the black fog slowly seeped through the shield that covered the two men. The longer the time, the more laborious they felt, and the spiritual power seemed to stagnate and could not be condensed. Boss, shit, we've been blindsided. Qin Lang wiped his forehead, his chest rising and falling, and he gasped for breath. Gu Yaoguang's face was dignified. Compared with Qin Lang's jumping up and down, he could hardly move his hands and feet. Remembering what Jiutian said about suspecting that the man in black had practiced a special technique for mental strength, they were still careless. Ha-ha, now I realize that you are so stupid. The man in black laughed, waved his sleeve to defuse Qin Lang's attack, and jumped out of the attack range of the two men. It's not too late for you to admit defeat and hand over the Dan spectrum and the flying machine. If I'm in a good mood, I'll leave you all dead. If you don't know each other, wholesale plastic pallet ,plastic pallet supplier, don't blame me for sucking away your spiritual power, abolishing your cultivation as Jingyuan, and annihilating your flying ashes. Gu Yaoguang's face turned pale, beads of sweat as big as beans fell from his head, his head ached sharply, his eyes were white, and the huge mecha wobbled and almost stood unsteadily. Nervous Qin Lang finally discovered that something was wrong with him and exclaimed, "What's the matter with you, boss?" Gu Yaoguang only felt the stench of the smell blow on his face, in the head exploded into a ball, the pain of his loss of perception of the outside world. He gritted his teeth and regained some of his senses, feeling that the stinking thing had a very clear purpose and went straight into his head, which seemed to have been drilled deep with an electric drill, and the flesh and blood were flying and painful. The man in black didn't expect it to go so smoothly. He was stupefied for a moment. He laughed and said, "God really helps me. Let's die." As soon as the harsh laughter fell, a huge group of black light clapped at Gu Yaoguang, who was motionless and seemed to have no ability to resist. Wen Shaoxin, who had been keeping track of the communication process, was already anxious and worried. When he heard this, his liver and gallbladder cracked and he roared, "Yao Guang!" He had cramps in his hands and feet, facial convulsions, and fell from the driver's seat. Chapter 134 long absence. "Little Master!" "Shaoxin!" Nine days and Yu Rong turned pale with fright! Wen Shaoxin's expression was blank. A moment of despair cracked his soul and damaged his five internal organs. He struggled on the ground in vain. "Yao Guang!"! I'm going to save Yao Guang! His eyes were empty and there were no more tears. Maybe at the moment of losing Gu Yaoguang, he subconsciously felt that no one would hold him, comfort him and protect him unconditionally. Yao Guang! He murmured, "Yao Guang!" He bit his lips with blood dripping, struggled to support his arms, sat up from the ground, and the helmet that received the communication fell at his feet. He raised his foot and kicked it far away. Shaoxin, what's wrong with you? Yu Rong was worried about both the situation over there and Wen Shaoxin. He stepped forward and held Wen Shaoxin's arm. It took him a lot of effort to pull him up, but he didn't care to listen to the communication. Wen Shaoxin shook his head. He looked like a paralyzed man who had been ill for a long time. His whole body was soft and weak. He could not borrow any strength. Finally, Yu Rong held him in his arms and sat on the rest chair. He was better. His face was ashen and his whole body was limp, but the light slowly gathered in his eyes. He gritted his teeth and said bitterly, "Nine days, this is yours. Activate all weapons and bomb enemy starships indiscriminately. I want them dead." He was frightened for nine days. Just now Wen Shaoxin collapsed directly. He didn't react. After he reacted, he couldn't help the little master up. He was in a panic. Now when he heard the little master's words, he didn't understand. With tears in his eyes, he asked, "Little master, what are you doing?" "I'm going to save Yao Guang!" Wen Shaoxin lowered his eyes and could not hear the emotion in his voice. He took out the Purple Ling Arrow and hung it behind his back, carrying the Seven Star Knife and struggling to climb out of the cockpit. I'll go with you. Yu Rong reached out his hand to stop Wen Shaoxin. Wen Shaoxin paused, lowered his eyes, and bit his lip without saying a word. Nine days to see the state of the little master is not right, where to rest assured, think of the voice just heard in the communication, he did not know whether to tell his little master, hesitated again and again, he said: "The situation over there is uncertain,spill plastic pallet, if the little master decided to go, then we will go together, I always have to protect you." 。 cnplasticpallet.com