So what if you are my student?

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Talking about books and ink, with his hands in his pockets, watching Zhao Shuiguang, not far away, closing his eyes and doing exercises

Talking about books and ink, with his hands in his pockets, watching Zhao Shuiguang, not far away, closing his eyes and doing exercises, the noisy sound of exercises in the museum seemed to be far away, the sunshine fell through the skylight on the top of the museum, her hands kept making gestures, and the light was mottled on her soft hair, dancing hands and delicate face, which made her look warm all over. All of a sudden, the warm happiness in his heart was going to come out. Tan Shu-mo closed his eyes and said, "Mr. Qian, you are an elder in the literary world. Do you remember that the poet Neruda said, 'When the beautiful leaves fall, the thread of life can be seen clearly'?" He pointed to the spot in the distance. "That child is like a northern tree trunk, clear, brave, and strong." Many people have asked him why he fell in love at such a young age, and he just smiled. When he was a child, he grew up in Beijing with his family. Later, he went to England to study and came back to work in the south of the Yangtze River. He has traveled all over the country for 28 years. He has seen many markets and experienced many storms. He can publish books. He sees many women and seldom cares about the background and appearance. For him, it is good as long as he gets along well with them. But he has always been smart and is too easy to see people and things thoroughly. He is too tired to fall in love with the same kind of person. It is good to have one person who is good at scheming. Of course, he is not an old man who eats the tender grass. If he really liked the young man, he would have chosen it long ago. Zhao Shuiguang is much more astute than his peers. At first, he looks like a leaf in the south,eye cream packing tube, shaking his head and wagging his tail. Spring is in the air. Close, just touched the green branches, she is actually a very susceptible child, but strong with a memory of the smile. When he was with her, he touched her step by step. Every little movement of her made him heartwarming. When she liked it, she danced to express her joy. When she didn't like it, she sat silently. In order to avoid hurting people, she didn't say much. All of this was his long-lost sincerity. Fall in love with a person, there is always a moment into the heart,empty cosmetic tubes, he looked at her, suddenly remembered his grandfather took him to Tianjin by train when he was a child, that day all the way to the cold winter, but saw the strong branches straight across the window, so that he was filled with inexplicable touching. The older a person is, the easier it is to hide himself, learn to say something insincere, learn to force himself to do things he doesn't like, and gradually all his actions become natural. Sometimes he is complacent about his own tricks. Later, when he sees such a persistent person, he thinks that others are abnormal and forgets that he was once young. In the end what is worth, what is not worth, he has never measured, he has his own insistence, Zhao Shuiguang, he will never let go. Tan Shu-mo straightened up, still staring at her in the distance, and said, plastic packaging tube ,pump tube, "It's not worth it. I'm happy with her!" Qian said no more, sighed, and walked away with his hands behind his back. Talking about books and ink leaning against the tree, hooking the corners of the mouth, thinking, Zhao Shuiguang, Zhao Shuiguang, for you, I have said all the disgusting words in my life! In the afternoon, it was the class of talking about books and ink. Zhao Shuiguang walked into the classroom and wanted to scold "rely on" very much. The lecture theatre, which was not crowded at ordinary times, was actually full of people. Yang Yang winked at her and said: "I know. Talking about the charm of high quality, your scandal spread faster than bird flu!" Just said to be pinched by Xu Ying: "What gossip, will not speak ah." Zhao Shuiguang smiled and shook his head, and in the eyes of the crowd, he finally found a place to sit down. Tan Shu-mo, who teaches finance at the International Trade Center this semester, showed up on time and turned a blind eye to so many people. At the end of his lecture, he said, "After two cycles of final exams, from the beginning of school to the content of Chapter 9, there are forty choices and five big questions. If you have any questions, come to me in the office on Thursday." Collect the books and leave. Suddenly, the classroom was full of complaints, and it was famous to talk about books and ink. No one dared to let him draw the key points, and no one dared to bargain. Zhao Shuiguang they collected the book to go out, walked in the back, listened to the side of the girl said: "That is a class of Zhao Shuiguang." Zhao Shuiguang's face was expressionless and the dormitory people passed by the two people, and she felt that she was going to be trained to be indestructible! Just depressed to think, such a day is still coming. The girl in the back said, "Ah, not so good either.". ” Hearing this, Xu Ying turned around and glared at people viciously, and Yang Yang and Peng Xiaoxiao just missed the whites of their eyes. Xu Ying looked at Zhao Shuiguang, she was taking the mobile phone to see the text message, a face of calm, but irritably pressed the keyboard of the small action obviously betrayed her, Xu Ying did not understand why, this group of women are always judged by appearance, in her view, some girls are very beautiful but can not become a beauty, because there is no beauty temperament. Some girls are not very beautiful, but they have a unique temperament and are absolutely beautiful. Zhao Shuiguang belongs to the latter. The girl in the front row also happened to be saying Zhao Shuiguang: "The girlfriend who talks about books and ink is not bored with the exam. She must be one hundred!" Xu Ying was really angry and said coolly, "Some people don't do well in the exam, and they have to find bad excuses." The girl in front looked back in fright. Zhao Shuiguang pulled Xu Ying, she does not care what people say, he would like to rush up and slap a few, but the mouth is long on the human body, the more she cares, the more people say. She didn't do well in the exam. Some people said that how could she have such a girlfriend? She did well in the exam. Some people said that she did well. Who stipulates that the children of the teacher's family must study well? Your grandfather is so angry with her! Don't think about playing again this weekend. In order to talk about books and ink, she'd better go to the library. Zhao Shuiguang went out of the school gate and said goodbye to the people in the dormitory. Under the big eyes of a group of people, he went to 530LI, which talked about books and ink. Tan Shumo asked her as he drove, "Why did you promise to let me come and pick you up just now?" Tan Shumo came to pick up Zhao Shuiguang and went to the hospital to hang water. He always waited for her at a distance outside the school. After class, he sent a text message: waiting for you at the school gate. Thought she wanted to refute, she actually replied: "Good.". He's really waiting here. Zhao Shuiguang threw the book behind the car and said,empty lotion tubes, "If I sit in your car, someone will talk about it. If I don't sit in your car, someone will talk about it. It's better to save some energy and walk a few steps less." He gave him a bitter look. It was all his design.