A Record of Seeking Qin

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Xiang Shaolong was so hungry that he hurried back to his courtyard in the inner house. Ji and Zhao had just taken a bath and were waiting for him to come in for dinner.

Xiang Shaolong was so hungry that he hurried back to his courtyard in the inner house. Ji and Zhao had just taken a bath and were waiting for him to come in for dinner. Dianwangfu is medium-sized, consisting of a main mansion and six quadrangles, surrounded by high walls. Each quadrangle is centered on the courtyard and surrounded by houses. The layout is inward. Almost all the doors and windows open to the courtyard. Trees are planted everywhere in the house, so even in this hot summer season, it is still very cool. The entrances are located in the south, symmetrical, with a clear central axis. The house facing the main entrance is the main room, and the left and right sides are the east and west wings. Xiang Shaolong and the Iron Guards occupied two quadrangles, which were spacious and comfortable, as if they had returned home. Xiang Shaolong had a full stomach, sighed, and said that he had seen Long Yangjun and was worried about Xu Xian. "Xu Xiang is one of the two great tiger generals of the Western Qin Dynasty," said Zhao Zhi. "He should have a way to protect himself." Ji Yanran said, "I'm most afraid that he has a spy of Lu Buwei in his hands. Xu Xiang can't imagine that it's Li yuan who sneaks into the territory of Han Wei. That's very dangerous." Xuan frowned again and said, "Although Qin and Chu have a close relationship, as long as a member of the royal family is sent, it will be more suitable than Xu Xian. We can see that there must be a reason." Xiang Shaolong said, "Just find a political excuse, for example,akba boswellic acid, to sign another peace treaty with the people of Chu, and you can force Xu Xian to come. Although the Empress Dowager's dissatisfaction with Lv Buwei is growing day by day, it's still very difficult for her not to rely on his stinking father for the time being, because the Qin military has always looked down on her as the Empress Dowager." Ji Yan ran had a good impression on Xu Xian. He sighed sadly and said, "Now everything can only be resigned to fate!" At this time, Zhuang Kong came over to invite Xiang Shaolong and said that Mrs. Zhuang had come back and wanted to see him for an interview. Xiang Shaolong had to pack up his feelings and went with Zhuangkong. Mrs. Zhuang wore a swallow-tailed long jacket, which was cut into several triangles,tannic acid astringent, overlapping and intersecting, shaped like a swallow-tail, hence the name. She reclined on a sleeping table near a window in the central courtyard and watched Xiang Shaolong enter the door in high spirits. Her beautiful hair was pulled up into a bun and fixed with a gold hairpin. The gold hairpin shone in the light, making her more noble and elegant, and also very attractive. There is a string of jade pendants of different shapes hanging on the waist, which adds to the status of a magnificent and rich lady. After Zhuang Kong left, Mrs. Zhuang Yingying stood up and moved to Xiang Shaolong. "I've come back early," she said with a sweet smile. "But I won't see you until I've bathed and changed my clothes. Do you smell the fragrance of her bath?" Then he proudly puffed out his chest. Xiang Shaolong thought that the women of the Tu nationality in southern Yunnan must be particularly open, seducing men directly and boldly, and at the same time knowing that she was grateful to herself, she added more love. With a slight smile, he said, "By looking at your ladyship, lutein eye complex ,saw palmetto extract, I know that I have gained a lot from my trip to the Chu Palace. Am I wrong?" Mrs. Zhuang raised a pair of jade palms and pressed them on his chest. "Shaolong, your heart is beating faster," she said with a smile. When Xiang Shaolong was greatly embarrassed, Mrs. Zhuang let go of her hands and walked to the window with a graceful and seemingly fragile posture. She carried him on her back and looked at the courtyard under the moonlight. She said softly, "Xiang Shaolong really lives up to his reputation. He only made a false move, which immediately shook the whole Shouchun. Now no one dares to underestimate us, the women and children of the fallen country. All the vassal States have expressed their position and supported our restoration." The only obstacle is Chu Ting. Xiang Shaolong stood five steps behind her and asked, "What is Li Yan Yan's attitude towards you?" Lady Zhuang said, "I thought Li Yan Yan was a very powerful woman, but unexpectedly she only gave people the feeling of gentleness and affection, but also with a kind of indescribable sadness and beauty. Of course, she is a stunning beauty, even comparable to your talented woman.". What is more strange to me is that she is between Chun Shen Jun and Li yuan, and she seems to be more inclined to Chun Shen Jun, which is really puzzling. ” Xiang Shaolong listened to stay up, Li Yan Yan unexpectedly will be such a woman I see pity? Lady Zhuang turned around and stood leaning against the window, with a charming smile at the corners of her mouth and endless amorous feelings at the tips of her eyebrows and the corners of her eyes. She shrugged her shoulders and said, "Li yuan and Chun Shenjun are very interested in my body. What should I do with my body?" Xiang Shaolong said with a wry smile, "What advice do you want me to give, madam?" Mrs. Chuang smiled sadly and said, "I'm used to this kind of man's face. If I hadn't met you, I wouldn't have been stingy with my body to win their support. But now I feel I have to ask for your advice first.". There is no one in the world who can get all the trust of my concubine except you. When Xiang Shaolong was wondering if she was confusing herself, Mrs. Zhuang moved over and clung to his arms, hugged his bear waist with all her strength, and buried her pretty face in his broad shoulders. Moaned, "Will you hug me?"? I need a strong man to support me. It must be a lie to say that under such circumstances, it is not attractive to throw oneself into the arms of such a noble and charming beauty. Xiang Shaolong could not help hugging her firmly and caressing her plump and elastic back muscles. He said softly, "Madam, you don't have to do this. Even if we don't have a physical relationship, I, Xiang Shaolong, will never break my promise. I will help the little crown prince to ascend the throne." Mrs. Chuang raised her pretty face and said with a sweet smile, "Do you think I think you're another man?"? Nope! You are wrong, people saw you in a dream last night, alas! It's a pity that our love affair will be broken up after Wang Er ascends the throne. When I think of it, I feel that life has no flavor. Suddenly he left his arms and pulled him aside to sit down on the ground. "Now Li Yan Yan has confirmed the legal status of Wang Er and me," said Su Rong. "But Li yuan refuses to send troops to help my mother and son because of the strong Qin Dynasty. I don't know if Chun Shen Jun is afraid of offending the Li Clan. He is also wavering and ambiguous. What others say about support is just lip service, and there will be no real action, so the fate of our mother and son is still in the hands of Shaolong. To reassure her, Xiang Shaolong said in a low voice, "I have a powerful army on the border between Qin and Chu. I can pretend to be a Dian man and invade the capital of Yunnan.". But if I kill Tian Dan, I have to slip away secretly immediately,best green coffee bean extract, otherwise I'm afraid it's hard to leave Shouchun. Now the only way for Li yuan to deal with you is to put your mother and son under house arrest in Chujing and play with your body, killing two birds with one stone. "" I haven't thought about that, "said Mrs. Chuang. 。 prius-biotech.com