Sky-high Price Little Wife: President's 33 Days of Love

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Sky-high Price Little Wife: President's 33 Days of LoveSky-high Price Little Wife: President's 33 Days of LoveSky-high Price Little Wife: President's 33 Days of Love

She only knew that Li Juefeng should not want his father to intervene. She'll find a way. I'll send someone to take General Manager Li out of the military hospital. Wang Zhao said that if Li Lao was not allowed to intervene, there would be only one way left. He is still badly hurt. What if there is a mistake in the middle? Gu Xiaoai frowned. She didn't want to gamble with Li Juefeng's life. Knock- " There were two knocks on the door. Come in, please Wang Zhao made a sound. Tong Ma came in and looked at Gu Xiaoai. "Miss Gu, the bodyguard who took care of the transfer of a group of hostages called home and asked how to deal with it." At the scene of the villa explosion, only a small group of people were left. The other hostages have been moved. Wang Zhao also looked at Gu Xiaoai, two people asked between the eyes of the invisible gave Gu Xiaoai great pressure. All the rulings are waiting for her to do. No one will take this idea, all waiting for her. "Except Nana Suzuki, the rest." Dispose of all? Wang Zhao asked hesitantly, giving her an idea. Disposal? Kill them all? This crazy behavior.. She can't do it. Where are they now? Gu Xiaoai asked. Has been secretly out of C city. Said Tong Ma. I'll go and see. Gu Xiaoai can only say so, just want to go, suddenly legs lost strength, Gu Xiaoai hurriedly hold the sofa did not let himself fall down. Miss Gu- Wang Zhao and Tong Ma both exclaimed in unison at the same time, hurriedly helping Gu Xiaoai to lie down on the sofa. Gu Xiaoai lay on his side on the sofa, feeling that his legs could not move at all. Chapter 1121: I Will Not Leave Him (23) "Miss Gu, are you all right?" Tong Ma was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. "Don't let anything happen to you at this time." If Miss Gu can't hold up the present situation,decorative palm trees, they won't know who to look for to take charge of the overall situation. I'm fine. I'll just have a rest. Gu Xiaoai chagrined to hang her legs, she can feel the pain, but can not pull out a little strength, the lower half of the body can not even move. "Is it H1EV23?" Wang Zhao asked anxiously, "is there any medicine?" "Miss Gu is pregnant,silk ficus tree, not suitable for taking medicine, and." H1EV23 is useless except for the antidote. Tong Ma looked at Gu Xiaoai worriedly. Suddenly, a strong pain spread from the leg, is the unprecedented pain, the pain is very painful. Ah Gu Xiaoai cried out in pain, so painful that he grabbed the sofa and kept sweating on his face. The symptoms are getting worse, and now it's starting to ache. This kind of pain is not Gu Xiaoai can hold back at all, the pain is like a needle pricking her, Gu Xiaoai cries out again and again, tears trickling down from the corner of her eyes. The sofa was scratched several holes by her hands. Miss Gu. Tong Ma was completely at a loss. Painkillers. Give me painkillers. Gu Xiaoai said in a trembling voice, so painful that her whole body was trembling, outdoor ficus tree ,large artificial blossom trees, but her sore legs could not even move. Mr. Li has asked me to prepare a pain-killing injection. I'll get it right away! Tong Ma ran outside excitedly. Endless pain spread through her limbs and bones, and even her hands began to ache, making her want to cut them off. It hurts. It turned out that the pain of H1EV23 would be like this. She always thought that she would be paralyzed in bed until the end. She never thought that the pain in the middle would be like this. Gu Xiaoai almost fainted from the pain and his breathing became difficult. "Cheer up, Miss Gu." Wang Zhao squatted on the edge of her sofa in a hurry. Here comes the pain-killing injection. Tong Ma stumbled over and was about to give Gu Xiaoai an injection. Gu Xiaoai abruptly withdrew his hand, "You go to wear gloves." "No, Miss Gu." I don't want to infect you. I Do it yourself, give me the needle. Chapter 1122: OK, I'll let him marry you (24) Gu Xiaoai raised his painful hand to take the needle in his mother's hand, trembled into his other arm, struggled to hit the pain-killing needle down, clenched his teeth and used all his strength on the syringe, and the sweat on his head kept coming down. "Miss Gu." Tong Ma and Wang Zhao watched this scene with red eyes. …… Gu Xiaoai's hand has been trembling, after the injection, the disposable syringe fell from her hand, fell to the ground with a dull sound. Gu Xiaoai fell on the sofa, the effect of the pain-killing needle was very good, and the pain gradually left the body. It's like I died once. The sharp pain just now. She couldn't stand the pain. Gu Xiaoai's face has been unable to distinguish between sweat and tears, legs for a long time before slowly recovering strength. Miss Gu, are you all right? Tong Ma took out a handkerchief and wiped it on her face, and the handkerchief was soaked through in an instant. Gu Xiaoai's line of sight recovered clearly, staring blankly at everything in front of him. She can't go down at this time. She wants to live. She wants to live well. She doesn't want to be a basket case. Anyway, she must force Suzuki Nana to hand over the antidote, even if she does it again, she must force Suzuki Nana. He is still lying in the military hospital, if she does not work hard, when he wakes up, he will see the cold and heartless man of his father, and see his business empire completely destroyed. She didn't want to see Li Jue Feng end up like this, absolutely not. "I'm going to see the hostages. I'm going to see Nana Suzuki." Gu Xiaoai sat up from the sofa, the whole person is very weak. "Miss Gu, I accompany you to go, you rest first, wait for the leg to be able to walk completely to say again, you ignore yourself to also want to take good care of the child in the belly." Wang Zhao sat down beside her and said. I know But her current physical condition,artificial banyan trees, unless she lies in bed every day to safely conceive the child, otherwise. If you fall, the child may be gone. Miss Gu. Gu Xiaoai took a clean handkerchief from Tong Ma and wiped his face.