Arce, hellArce, hell

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Arce, hellArce, hellArce, hellArce, hellArce, hellArce, hellArce, hellArce, hellArce, hell

The soul bottle is a vessel for preparing food for the dead, a habitat for the soul, a bridge for communication between people and the dead, and a channel for the dead to return to heaven. To put it simply, it is a funerary object unique to the farming people of China, which has different names and shapes in different historical periods. After the yuan and Ming Dynasties, soul bottles became increasingly scarce, but the custom of storing food or grain in bottles and jars and placing them in tombs for the dead to eat remained among some Han and ethnic minorities who practiced burial. Ass Inferno: 773 Horror Series 12 Part 3 Verse 34: Soul Bottle (2) Wulian jar is the unique shape of the soul bottle in the Han Dynasty. The old man selling the jar said that he had made such a soul bottle all his life. That is to say, in a certain place in China, the custom of burying the dead with the soul bottle is still used. So, there must be a lot of burial customs preserved with Wulian jar. If we can go to that place to investigate on the spot, there will be unexpected gains. Since the home more than a piece of such pottery, zhangsong began to be out of his mind. Late at night, he would take the five-pack jar to his study and play with it, gazing at it for a long time, as if the jar would tell him where their home was. Zhang Song studied the contents of the stacking and kneading on the pottery pots, and the clumsy portraits did not leave him any clues. He recalled that the old man who sold cans, his blue robe and long tobacco pouch,smart interactive whiteboard, could not give him any hints. He only judged from the stiff Chinese of the old man selling cans that he must be a minority, but he could not figure out which nationality he was. In this way, five cans were placed in Zhang Song's home for more than half a year. Suddenly one night, Zhang Song saw the old man selling cans again in his dream, and the scene was still on the sidewalk of an antique street. The old can seller said, "People there call me Suni, so they also call my cans Suni Wulian cans." Zhangsong suddenly opened his eyes,digital touch screen board, he almost jumped out of bed excitedly. Suni, five cans. Suni is the name of the old man. The names of ethnic minorities have their own traditions and habits, according to this clue, it should not be difficult to find out the nationality of the old people who sell cans. That night, Zhang Song found out that the word Suni was a word of the Yi people, but it was not a name, but an ancient profession. The Yi people call the shaman of the clan Suni. The old man who sells cans is actually a shaman of the Yi nationality. Daliangshan, Xichang, Sichuan, is the capital of the Yi Autonomous Prefecture and naturally the largest Yi inhabited area. When you get there, you can certainly trace out the areas where this kind of five-pot is still used. In addition to folk customs, Xichang's natural landscape and Yi customs also made him yearn for them, and with the passage of time, smartboard for business ,smart board touch screen, this yearning became stronger and stronger. Yi people, the descendants of the hero "Zhige Alu" born on the pleated skirt of a dragon eagle's blood soul, sent out a distant call to Zhang Song far away from the mountains and rivers. In the summer of the second year, zhangsong could no longer hold back, and finally asked for leave and embarked on a trip to Sichuan. But before he reached his destination, he appeared in the strange valley. That's about all I have. Zhangsong look around uneasily, everyone is still staring at him, seems to be more than enough. This zhangsong although some wooden, but the writer is a writer, talking about things to a set, a very common thing to his mouth have twists and turns. Everyone was now full of curiosity about the five cans of soul bottles, but his words stopped there. Qin Ge could not restrain himself from shaking his head in disappointment: "The person who brought us here is really hateful. If I have to find you, I will also let you go to clarify the matter of the soul bottle." Donger and several model girls over there echoed in unison. Zhang Song smiled awkwardly and said helplessly, "You can't blame me for this. You can't blame me." Qin Ge heaved a sigh of relief again, looked at the model girls, and then looked at Su He and Tong Hao, who had already talked about their experiences: "After listening for a long time, I found that we had nothing in common at all, and I couldn't find any connection between us." "So the rest of us don't have to waste any more of our time?" Lei Ming answered with a cold face. "Of course, maybe the clues are hidden in the most obscure places. Maybe if we find out what two people have in common, we can find out what we haven't noticed yet." Thunder was silent, but at this time, everyone's eyes were on him. He hesitated for a moment and stared coldly at Qin Ge. "Is it my turn to say now?" Qin Ge forced a smile: "If you are willing." This thunder body has a kind of invisible murderous look, Qin Ge has felt more than once. Now, that murderous look is beginning to gather and take shape again. Qin Ge felt a little uneasy, and he could not tell the final direction of these murderous looks. My situation is very simple. There is nothing attractive about it. I was a programmer working for an Internet company, and in the spring, I worked with several colleagues to write a set of programs for the customs, and we stayed in one room for three months. At the end of my work, I was very happy to get a bonus, so I bought a lot of gifts for my wife and signed up for two names in the travel agency. I want to take advantage of a holiday after work to take my wife to the ancient city of Lijiang, where she has long wanted to go. Lei Ming's murderous look became heavier and heavier, and Qin Ge immediately realized that there must have been an accident in his life. My wife wanted to go to Lijiang for a long time. She collected a lot of articles and pictures about Lijiang from the Internet and dragged me to watch a TV play called One Meter Sunshine. Lijiang is really beautiful, gradually, I also became interested in that place, the mysterious Naxi tribe, the ancient Dongba culture, as well as the beautiful Spruce Ping and the magnificent Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, which is a legendary ancient city where even the air is filled with the smell of love. I didn't tell my wife that I had booked a tour to Lijiang from the travel agency. I wanted to give her a surprise and enjoy the romance of that magical ancient city. Thunder spoke emotionally, but the gentle narration made everyone feel uneasy. At that time, I just thought about how to make her happy, how to make her never regret marrying me,86 smart board, but I didn't think that when I came home, she was gone, she went with another man. 。