Talking about the Three Kingdoms

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I remember a passage in the American movie General Patton: Patton was ordered to rescue another American

I remember a passage in the American movie General Patton: Patton was ordered to rescue another American army besieged by Hitler's army. What was the name of that army? I forgot. I only remember that the situation at that time was extremely critical, and it was a world of ice and snow. General Patton and his army had to show great courage. Then the great Patton banged on the hood of his jeep with his cool-looking whip and said a line I still remember: "The guy who can make such a wisecrack should be rescued!" It seems that the leader of the besieged American army was also a funny guy. Hitler forced him to surrender. His answer was interesting and a bit of a big talk. I don't need to say more here. I suggest you watch General Patton again. As far as my personal evaluation criteria for friends and things are concerned, whether this person or thing is interesting or not is absolutely at the top of the list. "This person is a little interesting" and "this article is a little interesting" are quite interesting evaluations for me. There are not many interesting things in this world. Think of the famous saying of the wise man in ancient Greece, "There is nothing new under the sun", which is really frustrating. Therefore, it is normal for most of us to live in boredom most of the time. And once I meet that interesting person or article, I will never let it go. Is this the meaning of life? There are millions of posts on the Internet about Dahua Three Kingdoms and other kinds of Dahua. In fact, it's just a big group of people getting together to have fun. I think this is the reason why big talk is popular all over the world. Let's talk about the article about the bezoar again. I quite like the article "Wu Song fights the tiger". When I read that Wu Song finally lay down on the Jingyang Hill and said with a puzzled face: "It seems that the previous story is not like this!" I really want to beat the bezoar boy. I like the tiger. He looks more like a kind man. Finally, I want to imitate General Patton to knock on the table with the manuscript in front of him with my 80 cents ballpoint pen and say: "The person who can write such interesting words is worth recommending to everyone!" Www.xiaoshUotxt.cOm Taoyuan Jieyi Little, say [t. Xt] When Liu Bei was in Zhuoxian, he was a shoemaker who made straw sandals. Everyone called him Straw Sandals Liu, because Liu Bei's straw sandals were strong, beautiful and cheap. Every year after the New Year, Liu Bei would hold a small straw sandal show to show the popular straw sandal style of that year. Zhuoxian men and women gifted scholars and beauties will come to visit Liu Bei's straw sandals show, take the opportunity to pick up girls to hang cheaters,empty cosmetic tubes, of course, also want to order Liu Bei's new straw sandals, in order to throw away their previous broken shoes. This year's New Year's straw sandals show, Liu Bei is still in the limelight, because this year Liu Bei launched warm straw sandals and thin straw sandals without heels, and led the fashion trend in Zhuoxian County. Liu Bei said to the reporter of Zhuoxian Di Bao: Who said that thin straw sandals are products with low added value-I added high-tech elements to the warm straw sandals,plastic laminted tube, and integrated fashion concepts in the thin straw sandals without heels! When Liu Bei was boasting, a man with a leopard head and a tiger face came to buy shoes. "Where are you going to use your shoes?" Asked Liu Bei? "Why do you ask so many questions?" Asked the man? Liu Bei said with a smile, As the saying goes, if you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools! You don't tell me where to wear-what style of shoes do I sell to you? "I can't tell," said the man, "you're so wordy!"! I'm going to wear it to fight! Liu Bei picked up a pair of warm straw sandals and said, "Then you can buy this pair of 2000 supermen of the times. It's strong, warm and breathable. Everyone on earth loves to wear it!"! As soon as the man tried it, it just fitted his feet. Just as he was wondering, eye cream packing tube ,cosmetic plastic tube, Liu Bei said, I've sold a lot of straw sandals. I can tell the size of your hooves at a glance! The man patted Liu Bei on the shoulder: "You have professional ethics!"! I am also a straightforward person, make a friend with you-my name is Zhang Fei, who lives in Taoyuan District near the county town, and come to drink after the meeting! "No problem," said Liu Bei with a smile! Zhang Fei put on his new shoes and left. Liu Bei continued to sell them in the crowd. At dusk, a tall and powerful man with a long beard and a red face came in. As soon as he came in, he picked up a pair of shoes and said lovingly, I need them. I like them! "Are you buying shoes?" Liu Bei whispered? "Yes," said the man! I'm going to war tomorrow! Do you know that the most important thing in war is to have a pair of shoes that fit your feet! "Why?" Asked Liu Bei? "Because," said the man, "you run faster than the enemy when you chase him. Of course, he can't beat you when he chases you! Liu Bei burst out laughing: "So war is a race to run fast!"! The man blushed and said, Of course! This is my family's ancestral secret, you don't talk nonsense everywhere! Liu Bei asked, What a strange thing-someone was going to fight earlier today-is it very popular to fight now? "You don't understand that," said the man. "A man who wants fame and fortune will find out on the battlefield! What are the prospects of selling a few pairs of straw sandals! As soon as Liu Bei heard this, he was not happy: You earn your fame on the battlefield, and I earn my work points on the straw sandals. Besides, without my good shoes, you can't earn your fame. Why are you more promising than me? "You're talking nonsense," said the man with a sharp stare! I'm a general. How can I compare with a shoemaker! Liu Bei suddenly remembered that Zhang Fei had asked him to go for a drink. He said to the man, Let's go to a friend and ask him to judge who is more promising! "Just go," said the man. "Who's afraid of who! When they arrived at Zhang Fei's house, Zhang Fei called them to the back garden and asked someone to put the food and wine on the table. Then he said to the two of them, "In my opinion, fame is fame, and no one is better than the other!"! Just like your silver and my silver, there is no difference! "Well," said the man, "your silver is the same as mine! Zhang Fei thought for a moment and then nodded. The man added, I'll trade my silver for yours. Will you do it? Zhang Fei suddenly came to his senses and said, You, do you want to cheat me? "Yes," said the man with a smile,custom cosmetic packaging, "and you said it was the same? Both Zhang Fei and Liu Bei were speechless. "To tell you the truth," said the man with a smile, "my name is Guan Yu. I didn't want to go to war until I saw a fortune teller today-he said I must meet a noble person when I came out today! I don't know which one of you is the noblest.