Fantasy 1 + 1 · July _ Jiangnan _ txt Novel Paradise

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Fantasy 1 + 1 · July _ Jiangnan _ txt Novel ParadiseFantasy 1 + 1 · July _ Jiangnan _ txt Novel Paradise

"Whoo, whoo!" As I wiped away my tears, I said sadly, "How could I be so unlucky?"? Why is our marriage line so short? "I didn't expect that either. Maybe it's just a coincidence!" He also looked at two distant threads in a confused way and sighed repeatedly. Can you do something about it? As I cried, I reached out my hand and tore it. "Can't you pick it up with something else?"? Like a dress? "Cici, don't do this!" He was so frightened by me that his face turned pale. He hurried to stop him. "Let's think of another way to get out of here first. There must be a way!" Then I couldn't protest and cry, so he dragged me away. In the meantime, I kept looking back and reluctantly looking at the pine tree full of marriage lines. How I wanted to stay here until I came up with a way to make the best of both worlds, but every time I saw the two small and short red lines on the high crown of the tree, my eyes burned and my heart hurt! In this way, I had to step back three times, through the colorful sea of flowers, out of the fairyland surrounded by smoke, set foot on the way home to the world. But at this moment, we were all blinded by sadness and did not notice that the old man who had been sleeping soundly under the tree was looking in the direction of our departure with a sly smile. In his hands, which were as old as withered branches, there were two long and warm red threads wrapped around him. I was more disheartened than when I came, because of the successive blows, so that as soon as my feet stepped on the solid ground,outdoor digital signage displays, I shivered. Wow, it's so cold. I trembled and hugged my shoulders. "It's really the state of mind. It's obviously not winter. How can I feel so cold?" "Cici." Someone was calling me in the cold wind, and the voice, with a slight cry, came from the distant top of my head. When I looked up, I saw a tall, thin and handsome young man looking down at me with sadness, with a pair of eyes with too many whites,temperature screening kiosk, shining with crystal tears. Hello What's the matter with you? The cold wind attacked my body and made me tremble like a withered leaf in autumn. "You silly fish, why are you crying?" As I spoke, my tone was somewhat choked, and I quickly reached out to wipe away my tears, "When I left.." Didn't you expect this? Yes, in the short moment when we go to heaven, I don't know how many days and nights have passed on earth. And there is not much left of my short seventy-two nights when I can become a person. Let's go I raised my hand above my head, took his big, generous hand, and smiled at him. "It's not that bad!"! You see, at least I haven't turned into a mouse. It's just a little smaller! "Yes!" He was considerate and tried to show a happy smile. "I've always wanted to have a sister, and this time I can finally get what I want!" As I listened to his comforting words, I wanted to laugh but couldn't, facial recognization camera ,touch screen kiosk, so I tried to keep up with him with my loose, layered skirt. www/ m Verse 49: Seventy-two Night Texts/Cute Fans (14) T @ xt` small $say $heaven "hall" At this time, it was cold winter, the north wind was rustling, and the snow was boundless. When you step on the snowy road, you will make a creaking sound. Winter is coming, how fast it is! "Yes, I never thought that winter would come so soon, just walk a strange way, the yellow leaves on the trees will fall, everything will be melted into silver!" The two of us were making wisecracks, and the light of the moon stretched the shadows very long, one big and one small, on the white snow. Sometimes it was blown by the cold wind, and sometimes it was blurred by the snow. Only sparse footprints are left, and they are getting farther and farther away. 17、 The bright moon in the winter night seemed to lack a little warmth, hanging coldly in the sky, like a melancholy that could not be melted. Is there no other way? As I walked along, looking at the white and cold world, I felt sad from my heart. Just a mouse, but want to change their own, as well as the fate of others! This is really a very funny joke, the so-called fool's dream, is probably so! "It's not that there is no." He looked down at me and whispered, "It's just a little dangerous. Maybe I'll never come back!" I looked up at him as if we had met for the first time, and his silver clothes were reflected in the snow like the armor of a general on the battlefield. But for you! I'm going to give it a try! He smiled kindly and squatted in front of me, "but if I can come back this time, I will never be a person again, and I want to be a carp in the blue waves!" "Why are you so stupid?" I looked at his godless eyes and continued to try to enlighten him. "Don't you see how many carps rushed up on the day of the Dragon Gate, which is even better than the pursuit of fame and wealth by human beings?" "If you are not a fish, how can you know the joy of fish?" He shook his head and minced words, as if he had become the carp who was obviously penniless, but had lofty pride. How can I remember that time, your pleasure is to jump and jump, desperate to jump into the high Dragon Gate! "So?"! There are always some things in this world that look beautiful and confusing, but when you get them, you find that they are not the same thing at all! "Are you talking about the Chu River?" The remark clearly meant something else, and my heart was sour. Nope! I'm talking about Longmen! He laughed and rubbed my head and said softly, "I'm leaving. You wait for me here. If you're afraid of the cold, you can go back to the cave and wait for me!" "Will you come back?" I'm too short now, just like a little girl, and I can only look up at him with a sore neck. Maybe, maybe not! He adjusted his clothes in the snowstorm and walked along the silent and cold streets to the unknown future like a soldier about to go to war. The cold wind is like a knife, thousands of miles of snow,Interactive digital signage, and his thin figure seems to be swallowed up by the cold wind and rain at any time. It seems that in the blink of an eye, time will be old, and old friends are thousands of miles apart.