The Otherworldly Evil Emperor _Wind Over the World_txt Novel Heaven

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The Otherworldly Evil Emperor _Wind Over the World_txt Novel HeavenThe Otherworldly Evil Emperor _Wind Over the World_txt Novel Heaven

With Grandpa's blind and loyal personality at that time, this kind of thing can be done. But now, after so many things over the years, it's not necessarily. "Jun Zhan Tian, a hero of the generation, is upright and loyal, but his greatest strength is also his fatal weakness!" The east asked for love with a sigh. "Since ancient times," he said, "when a bird dies, a good bow is hidden; when a cunning rabbit dies, a running dog is cooked. The more loyal, the whole country's imperial service, the more prestigious the war, the more tragic the end, not to die on the battlefield, is beheaded and ransacked. High work.. Then shake the Lord! Dongfang Wenqing took a look at Jun Moye with deep meaning and intoned in a graceful voice: "What is the way of high office and rich salary? The splendor and wealth are all misty. How can it be like crossing heaven and earth, being happy and free from enmity?" "Hehe.." You needn't worry about that. Do I look to you like a man of blind loyalty? Jun Moxie smiled, intentionally easing the heavy atmosphere. Otherwise, if it goes on like this, all four of them will be so depressed that they can't breathe. You really don't look like a boy! Like a little weasel, no,Inflatable water park on lake, it should be a big weasel! The three of them laughed at the same time. Since the Oriental Family can't be born, how did you come out? Jun Moye asked curiously. Oriental family naturally can not appear fair and square, but we come out, as long as we do not act in the name of the Oriental family, incognito to do their own things, not on the line? If it were true that all the people were huddled in the mountains, wouldn't they starve to death? Dongfang asked Dao to look at Jun Moye and said with his eyes,inflatable amusement park, 'You are very stupid'. Jun Moye was stunned. Besides, this time the Xuanshou tide is really unprecedented strong, the coalition forces naturally want to assemble all the strong forces that can be assembled, the three of us came at the same time this time, but also unilaterally hired by the Blood Soul Villa. The East asked for love and smiled, which was a relief for Jun Moye. Hire? Jun Moye's eyes widened. Chapter 106 the biggest obstacle to the progress of Xuangong. "Hire, of course!"! When has our Oriental family ever done anything without oil and water? The East asked for love and stared. "This is our basic principle," he said. "Ah.." Ha-ha Jun Moye was stunned for a long time and suddenly burst out laughing. This is really "not a family, not a family". It's the same principle as my brother. What are you laughing at? Three people stare at the same time: "In those days your grandfather says we are Philistine, do you boy also..." Hum "Nothing to laugh at; this is a matter of course, the recipient of money and people to eliminate disasters, do things, naturally to receive a reward!"! What's so Philistine about that? Is it necessary to serve for free to be aboveboard? That would be too.. It doesn't make sense. Jun Moye grinned and said, "What's the price of this trip?" "One hundred thousand taels of silver, and one hundred thousand taels of silver per person!"! The three of us are three hundred thousand taels of silver! Dongfang asked Dao to stretch out a big palm with some pride and spread five fingers several times. "This price is not low, Inflatable 5k obstacle ,Jumping castle with slide, is it?" Jun Moye was stunned and could not speak. With this three hundred thousand taels, after taking it back, we will be able to maintain the supply of materials at home for a long time. "Dongfang is a little complacent, stroking his beard and squinting his eyes, with a sense of accomplishment." Bang! Jun Moye fell to the ground and smashed his head on the burning candle in front of him. He immediately put out one of them, and his face was covered with candle oil. What, what's going on? The three of them were shocked and helped him up in a hurry. Could it be that we were shocked to see that we earned so much money in one action? I have to admit that Master Jun was really shocked! As for the reason for the shock. "One hundred thousand taels of silver for one person, three hundred thousand taels of silver for three people?" Why is it so cheap! I drank a few jars of wine, how do I not know, since when the mysterious strong actually only get the price of migrant workers? Jun Moye was scorched outside and tender inside by the thunder, and a word from his mouth made the three Shenxuan uncles almost feel ashamed. Jun big young master's statement is by no means loose talk, the previous noble hall auction "ten thousand gold" wine, expensive is expensive, but this wine is worthy of the name of the God in the wine, it is not too much to say that all living beings are reversed, but also because the circulation of this wine is extremely narrow, only confined to the top of Tianxiang, the real aristocratic exclusive wonderful things, for a while things are rare and precious, not only in Tianxiang country, but also in Tianxiang country. There are also many people from other countries who are lucky enough to taste it by chance and immediately fall for it. As a result, the sky-high price of "Wanjin Wine" has not fallen at all, and the Wine Noble Hall has declared that it will not be sold any more and become extinct, so only a very small amount of it appears in the black market. This is the case that the wealthy businessmen who were lucky enough to buy the wine before put it into the black market in the form of auction, and Master Jun learned it through different channels such as Fatty and Haichenfeng. The price of "Wanjin Wine" has soared to a higher price of thirty thousand taels for a jar! "草 ! Is the wine you drink made of gold and jade? Drink a little wine and you will have ten thousand taels of silver? Does your family hire a migrant worker for one hundred thousand taels of silver?! Dongfang asked Dao to be extremely depressed, but he also understood that the top level of the Tianxiang Empire had always been extravagant, and the wind of wealth and honor comparison was at the top of the mainland, not to mention that there had long been a dandy young master outside, I'm afraid this may not be false. It is said that the Oriental Family was also the peak family in the world, or not as good as the Wind and Snow Silver City and the Blood Soul Villa, but its power was also quite huge, but it was always secretive and low-key, so it was seldom noticed. But when it comes to its own manpower and material resources, it is quite commendable. But in the past ten years, the Oriental family has been bound by that damned oath, and the whole family seems to have completely disappeared from the world of mortals. The whole family has lived in seclusion in a secret base, almost cutting off contacts with the outside world. Moreover, in the first few years, there were many signs of watching from the Supreme, fearing that the Oriental family would not keep its promise. Under the strong power, the Oriental family also had to bow, completely isolated from the world of mortals, but the whole family of hundreds of people's food, clothing, shelter and transportation, is always a huge number! Even if there is a deep foundation,Inflatable water park factory, but also slowly stretched, after a few years. There is already a feeling of sitting idle. At that time, he began to contact several Zhizun and wanted to resume the business of the Oriental Family.