A bride from the underworld

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How can the defense of the ghoul Yin body be so strong? "No, you are almost immune to the means of our Dragon and Tiger

How can the defense of the ghoul Yin body be so strong? "No, you are almost immune to the means of our Dragon and Tiger Sect in your present state." Wang Yicheng also opened his eyes wide. Said in surprise. Husband, you have devoured your soul, which is at least five times stronger than before, and you have used the defensive magic in the book of ghosts. General magic and ghosts can't hurt you. Ji Tianshuang explained to me beside him. I suddenly realized, no wonder, since the defense can, then try the attack spell. Be careful, I'm going to fight back! I immediately reminded Wang Yicheng. Wang Yicheng's expression congealed, and then he used the wood attribute defense amulet to quickly make a green energy shield on his body. Dao Sha Shu! Although the way of killing has not been completed, it can also be used, but I do not know how powerful it is. But then something happened that surprised me again. The way of killing directly broke the shield made by Wang Yicheng, and then hit him again. Poof! Wang Yicheng immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and was injured by a blow. At the same time, I also received a reminder of the completion of one ninth of the way to kill. Chapter 206 the weirdest thing. However, Wang Yicheng was injured I did not expect, I originally thought,best green coffee bean extract, the way to kill has not been completed, the power should not be great, did not expect, Wang Yicheng completely unable to defend the unfinished way to kill. I immediately ran to Wang Yicheng's side and asked hurriedly, "Are you all right?" Wang Yicheng covered his chest and squeezed out a smile and said, "Your magic is too powerful,pumpkin seed extract, but fortunately, it didn't hurt the vital part. I took the medicine.". It will be all right after a period of rest. I am a little embarrassed, this is my first time to use the way to kill, I did not expect the way to kill will be so strong. Seeing Wang Yicheng's face turned pale in an instant, I'm afraid the harm I did to him was not as light as he said, so I quickly helped him up and let him rest. With a wave of his hand, Wang Yicheng took out a pill from his bosom and swallowed it. Then he pointed at Jin Lin and said, "It's all right.". I want to see this friend fight with you. Jin Lin was stunned for a moment and said, "Well, I want to try, too. Can I stop Qiao Jue's magic?" Wang Yicheng looked much better after taking the medicine. Then I helped him aside and sat down. I said to Jin Lin, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,rosmarinic acid supplement, "Jin Lin, I've just learned this magic, and I can't control it well. You have to be careful." Jin Lin nodded with a dignified look: "I will, but don't be too reluctant, or I can't know where I am now." I nodded. "Good." Jin Lin did not say any more, but directly pulled out the sword behind his back. I can feel that Jin Lin's Taoism is higher than Wang Yicheng's, and he has a special constitution, perhaps he can resist the killing of Taoism. I'm not polite. Let's do it first. Chop Ghost Kendo! Jin Lin immediately waved his sword and attacked me. I immediately urged the corpse Yin body and made a hand with Jin Lin. Unlike Wang Yicheng, the two of us fought together this time, but soon I found that I was no match for Jin Lin without using magic, and I didn't know the usual way to fight! Just a few moves. I was stabbed several times by Jin Lin. But Jin Lin didn't use magic either. After stabbing me, I didn't feel anything unusual, but I knew that once he used magic, I would definitely be traumatized. This situation made me immediately aware of the weakness of the netherworld of ghouls. No melee! And it seems that the ghost body can only defend against spell attacks, not physical attacks. You know, I'm in a ghost state now. What if I return to my physical state later? Obviously, the clever Jin Lin's action at this time is also reminding me of this point. Jin Lin, thank you. Next, let's use magic. I immediately thanked Jin Lin and immediately separated from him. Jin Lin nodded and said, "Good." With these words, Jin Lin also took a step back. Seven stars kill ghosts! "Dao Sha Shu!" Jin Lin and I cast our spells at the same time. Boom! The two spells immediately collided. Then I was surprised to find out. The way of killing was offset by Jin Lin's magic. Sure enough, Jin Lin is much better than Wang Yicheng. But Jin Lin seemed to be more surprised than me: "Seven stars killing ghosts is my strongest magic. Even my master may not be able to catch it. I didn't expect it.". Your spell can be offset! I can't help but be stunned? Even Jin Lin's master may not be able to catch the magic, so I already have a way to compete with the Taoist elders? It seems that the way of killing is stronger than I thought. Think a little. I wanted to know what kind of magic the corpse Yin body could defend against, so I said to Jin Lin again, "You use the magic just now again, and I want to try my defense." Jin Lin nodded: "Good." Immediately, Jin Lin once again used the seven stars to kill ghosts. Sniff! I let the spell hit me directly. The next moment I found that after Jin Lin's magic fell on me, the corpse Yin body actually defended! I have nothing to do, not even as much as Wang Yicheng's amulet. Jin Lin was dumbfounded. Your defense, too terrible, can be immune to my magic! I didn't expect it to be like this, the ghost of the corpse is so strong! "I'll try your magic, too." Jin Lin was stunned for a moment. He immediately came to his senses and said. I nodded and immediately urged Dao Sha to attack Jin Lin. Something even more unexpected happened. After Jin Lin was hit by the killing technique, he didn't seem to feel anything at all. He stood where he was and didn't even move. Did you attack? Jin Lin said with some doubts. I nodded. Attacked? What, you didn't feel anything? I didn't.. Poof !” However, before Jin Lin had finished speaking,pumpkin seed extract, he spurted out a mouthful of blood. He immediately lay on the ground in pain. My heart a tight, hurried past: "How are you?" "Husband, he's seriously injured. Don't touch him." One side of Ji Tianshuang hurriedly said aloud. prius-biotech.com