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It was a necklace. The necklace itself was a white transparent gem the size of a soybean grain. The gem emitted a

It was a necklace. The necklace itself was a white transparent gem the size of a soybean grain. The gem emitted a faint white fluorescence. The soft and bright breath gave people a kind of warmth from the heart. The space with only the breath of death was almost completely bright because of its appearance. The thick and sticky light element almost instantly made Long Haochen make up for all the previous spiritual power consumption through the Holy Spirit Furnace. There is a small pendant on the necklace, about the size of a thumb nail cap. It is also white. It looks like a small hollowed-out head. In the position of its eyes, there is a golden flame. The sticky light element of the mouth officially spreads outward with it as the center. My dear disciple, this is my token. Fortunately, you are not one of those dirty dark necromancers. Otherwise, I would have to give you up. This necklace has been with me for 896 years, until the moment I fell asleep. Oh, you must remember that it must not be seen by the people of the glorious church, because it is made of the skull of the first generation of glorious pope. Hey, now I'm excited to imagine that those goblins have been constipated for a year after I dug up the Holy Grave of the first Pope. The name of the necklace is Eternal Melody. It is my token and the key to eternal sleep. If you have absolutely trusted partners in the future, you can bring them here to experience, of course, the premise is that they must not have my most annoying, dirtiest dark attribute owners. You brought them here, and if anyone thinks ill of you, eternal sleep will put him to sleep. From now on,tannic acid astringent, you are my successor, the master of the new generation of the eternal sleep. Long Haochen did not have the ability to refuse at all. As soon as the voice fell, the extremely warm light element poured into his body chalk like liquid in an instant. The eternal melody necklace appeared quietly on his neck, just like the transparent crystal bone marrow head hanging on his chest. Suddenly, Long Haochen felt as if his whole body was warm and immersed in warm water, and his whole body suddenly turned golden and transparent. It's like walking into the body of light. Rich elements of light filled every corner of his body chalk,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, constantly moistening his body. The Blue Rain, the Hibiscus of Light, and the Holy Spirit Furnace, as well as the Light Elemental Elf Yating, all groaned happily in his chest, and his liquid spiritual power grew almost at a rate visible to the naked eye. It has been increasing by at least 500 points before the growth rate is reduced. And the bone marrow pendant full of sacred breath is also tightly adsorbed in the middle of Long Haochen's chest. Go ahead, son. Everything here is yours from now on. Even without any test, you can leave here at any time. I look forward to your early appearance in front of me. After saying this last sentence, the voice of Electrolux completely faded away. Although there was still a gray breath of death around him, Long Haochen, wearing an eternal melody, turmeric extract powder ,jujube seed powder, was like a sun here, constantly releasing a thick golden light from him. Strangely enough, the light was in perfect harmony with the breath of death here, and there was no conflict at all. The tower gate behind Long Haochen opened quietly, which meant that he did not need to pass any test and could leave here at any time. At this time, he stood there motionless, because a lot of information was rushing into his mind and becoming part of his memory. And the source of this information is the eternal melody. This information includes the most basic control of the eternal sleep, many of which are still sealed by the eternal melody necklace itself, and more of which are the perception and cultivation of the dead spirit demon by Electrolux. This part of the information is too huge, more importantly, no matter how much Long Haochen does not want to become a necromancer, these messages are still deeply imprinted in his soul without any barrier, and can never be forgotten. Haoyue crawled behind Long Haochen and looked at him quietly, with soft brilliance in her three heads and six eyes. Occasionally, she glanced into the depths of the hall on the first floor, and her pupils would reveal a bit of memory, but there was a bit of confusion in the memory. Standing there, Long Haochen gradually woke up for half an hour, the influx of massive information into his mind has been branded in the depths of his memory, and at this time of Long Haochen, the face is not good-looking. Even if Sleeping Scourge Electrolux is a necromancer with light attributes, he is a necromancer after all! How could Long Haochen be willing to be one of the culprits of the human catastrophe ten thousand years ago? Much less willing to learn from any necromancer. Suddenly turned around, Long Haochen looked at Haoyue with burning eyes, "Haoyue, you already know what is here, right?" Long Haochen is really a little angry, if Haoyue can tell him what happened here in advance, he will not choose to come in at all. Although the eternal melody brought him a great increase and greatly improved his strength, he was not willing to accept all this. When the eternal melody is put on, it is not taken off at all. Purr Haoyue's three heads and six eyes are full of innocence, blinking and passing messages to Long Haochen one by one. Feeling the message from it, Long Haochen's face gradually changed from anger to surprise. The Great Prophecy? Your talent and skills? Stunned at the bright moon, Long Haochen's face was full of incredible color. Haoyue actually told him that it had the ability of great prophecy and could predict some things in the future to a certain extent. But enters this castle to its prophecy, but it feels is not clear, can only feel here will bring the long Haochen the opportunity and does not have any danger. That's why he insisted on letting Long Haochen enter here. With a wry smile on his face, Long Haochen walked up to Haoyue and hugged Xiaoguang's big head. "I'm sorry,stesweet stevia, it's my fault. I shouldn't doubt you.". It's just that the impact of all this just now is too great for me. Unexpectedly inexplicably became the inheritor chosen by the dead, this is really. Xiao Guang, Xiao Huo and Xiao Qing all snuggled up to him and rubbed him gently.