Peerless evil spirit

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Can you kill me in Athena's armor? What on earth is that black thing?! While waiting for the resurrection, I have been

Can you kill me in Athena's armor? What on earth is that black thing?! While waiting for the resurrection, I have been thinking about this problem. The 400th Jedi Counterattack (Part 1) Sweat, the previous chapter was written in such a hurry that there was a BUG. Thank you for reminding me to go back and change it. But my mother didn't give me a chance to solve my doubts. She won and got off the line directly. She only left a message in the private chat, "Wahahahaha.." I turned off the communicator gloomily and felt a little headache. Cupid's bow and arrow? Although Cupid is only a god-level BOSS, he lives in heaven, where the legion of angels is not so easy to get along with. Besides, this world mission has just ended, and I'm definitely an unpopular character in the US service, so let's talk about it later. Alas, poor me, this is really a big loss. If I had known that I would not agree to my mother's request, it would be a bully. Scratching his head, he returned to the castellan's mansion. As soon as he entered the door, the solitary shadow suddenly jumped out and startled me. Yaoyao, where have you been? I've been looking for you for a long time. Hurry up, or it will be too late. Gu Ying's face was anxious,ibc spill containment pallet, jumping left and right, like a meat ball bouncing around. Action? What action? Too late for what? I looked at the lonely shadow with a question mark on my head. Damn it Lonely shadow saw me at a loss, a pair of cat's eyes were about to fall out of the eye socket, "Hey, burn the bridge, you get the weapon against the sky, I don't care,plastic pallet suppliers, my curse has not been lifted!" "Yeah, I almost forgot about that." As soon as I patted my head, I took out the five poison sticks and looked at the solitary shadow. "Tell me, what can I do to lift your curse?"? Is it all right to hold the staff and say a spell? Do you know the spell? “……” The solitary shadow stared at me and was speechless for a long time. Hey, talk to me. I poked Gu Ying's fat belly, which was about to be dragged to the ground, with my staff and looked at him doubtfully. "You don't know the spell, do you? Then I didn't take this weapon against the sky for nothing?" "Alas." The solitary shadow hung its head. Squatting on one side is full of helplessness. Demon. It's my fault. I didn't tell you clearly about lifting the curse. Do you know who my curse is? You really didn't tell me about it. Tell me about it. Curiously, I sat down beside the lonely shadow. Out of this guy's mouth. It's all big gossip about NPC. The entertainment is pretty good. There's no harm in listening. The solitary shadow stretched out a finger and pointed to the sky. The tone is very helpless. Speaking of which, this guy is an old acquaintance of ours. Put a curse on me. It's Chiyou, the demon God. "No way.". Do you want me to kill Chiyou? It's not realistic at all. Unless you bring me hundreds of thousands of troops. I was shocked when I heard it. Chiyou is now the boss of heaven and earth. All the Jiuli people gathered in heaven to serve him. There are countless troops under his command. Not to mention killing Chiyou. Whether I will live to see him after I enter the celestial world is still unknown. But it's okay. The solitary shadow did not nod. Glanced at me. Not the ground. Although killing Chiyou is also one of the ways to remove the curse. But that's not the script of the system. The system requires a second approach. It uses the power of Chiyou Demon God as raw material. A special pill is made by mixing several high-grade medicinal materials. If I eat it, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet price, I can break the curse. So we don't have to kill Chiyou. Just get a drop of the power of the Demon God. Damn it. You didn't say it earlier. At that time, Chiyou was still my slave. Isn't the power of Laoshizi Demon God as much as you want?! Even if you kill Chiyou directly, you can lift the curse! What's the use of saying now. Chiyou has gone to heaven to be the king of the mountain. How can I give you the power of the demon? Will he give it to me if I ask him? Not to be solved by force?! "I couldn't say at that time." Lonely shadow grievance muttered, "in fact, the power of the demon God is not only Chiyou, you do not know, when Chiyou was imprisoned in the East Emperor Bell, there is no possibility of escape, is the nihilistic queen to open the seal to release him, which triggered many things.". At the beginning, the condition for the Empress of Nothingness to release Chiyou was to ask Chiyou to give her part of the power of the Demon God. So now we just need to deal with the Empress of Nothingness. There are not only NPC armies, but also a large number of player armies. This is much easier than dealing with Chiyou! I froze for a moment. "Player army?"? Solitary Shadow, the war in the void has begun in full swing. Before we went to the nihility to find Shennongding, the war was only between NPCs. Apart from the players of both camps, the system did not openly recruit players to join the army. Now the solitary shadow said that there were a large number of players in the army, that is to say, the system issued a notice that another large-scale war had begun. Solitary shadow nodded, all over the face serious, "from you start the world task when the war began in full, but it is a pity that the mirror temple side of the player army number is obviously more than Wang Dujun, Wang Dujun at the beginning of the war is losing ground, resulting in less and less players to join Wang Dujun, mirror temple army more and more, now mirror temple has hit All the army of Wangdu is concentrated in the front of Wangdu, and is making a last fight with the Mirror Palace. If this line of defense collapses, then Wangdu will fall. Now you have to hurry to help the King of Nothingness. "No, how can the King of Nothingness be like this? He has already been besieged by the Hall of Mirrors. It's hard to save even if it's not immortal."? Do you think I can turn things around by myself?! You think too highly of me! I stared at the solitary shadow, really how can not figure out how things will develop to this point, when listening to the tone of the magic stick, players should not be standing on the side of the King of Nothingness, to fight against the Temple of Mirrors, how can there be more players in the Temple of Mirrors than here, this is simply too outrageous! Lonely shadow holding his head wailed twice, "demon, now is not the time to discuss these issues, I also know that the situation is very unfavorable to us, you can hardly change the current situation, but do something is better than nothing,plastic bulk containers, although very difficult, but we still have a little hope is not?"? If the king falls, then we have no hope at all. 。