Shang Guan Ding Li Yan Lone Star

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Knowing that the man did not quit as soon as he got better, he laughed again and said, "Good!"! God, you help

Knowing that the man did not quit as soon as he got better, he laughed again and said, "Good!"! God, you help me to make a profit, your boy already'die ', die to come! If Lin Qiantang's anger rises again, it will be unstoppable! Then he shouted, "You want to die!" With a shout, he slapped the man with 70% force. This man's kung fu is really good, he does not avoid not to let, directly grabs the wrist that Lin Qiantang hits out! Lin Qiantang was startled. He quickly drew back his right arm, but his body did not move. Suddenly, his palms were divided into five palms. The difference was that his right palm was like a knife, and his left palm was like scissors, all of which were aimed at the vital part. This is precisely the unique skill of Laoshan School-the ever-changing. At this moment, as soon as Lin Qiantang, the future headmaster of Laoshan, put his hand into full play,collapsible pallet box, he will be even more powerful and fierce! No matter how good his martial arts were, he dared not be careless in the face of such unique skills as the ever-changing sky and clouds. He immediately concentrated on dealing with B with all his strength. Also really difficult for his martial arts is not weak, in dealing with Lin Qiantang this fierce five palms, and also hit back a palm! It has been more than a day since he rose to fame in the martial arts world. There are few ordinary masters who can escape this unique skill! Now this person not only can deal with Yu Ru, unexpectedly also hit back a palm, then this person's martial arts has been above the general master, cover can be concluded. Therefore,plastic pallet containers, Lin Qiantang can not help but come out of the bottom of his heart! The man saw that after Lin Qiantang's five palms floated out in a row, there was no way to continue, and he struggled to hit a palm! Lin Qiantang only felt that the slap was so strange that it seemed to be mixed with all kinds of techniques and strength! He did not dare to meet the frame, hurriedly took the right heel as the axis, dripped two turns, and finally avoided the sharp blow B. This is also one of the unique skills of the Laoshan School, "Gyro Winding Body"! Although he was lucky to avoid the first blow, his figure was just stable, and suddenly the man hit another hand! The slap was so strange that it was impossible to describe it. Lin Qiantang was finally hit by a slap and lay on the ground unable to move. He watched helplessly as the man giggled at him a few times, then sang and walked, and turned around and left! When Lin Qiantang said this, Tang Jianning frowned and said, "I just examined Brother Lin's injury. It was not purely caused by the force of the split palm. It seems that there are also heavy techniques such as the powerful Eagle Claw Skill."! In your memory, plastic pallet manufacturer ,drum spill pallet, who has such kungfu and looks like the man who hurt you? So everyone meditated on it. After a while, Tang Jianning suddenly asked excitedly, "Brother Lin, you didn't seem to mention this man's stature just now. Is this man short and thin?" Lin Qiantang immediately shook his head and said, "This man is just the opposite. He's huge and burly." Tang Jianning was greatly disappointed and said with a low sigh, "In that case, this man is not Father Qi Wu!"! But who could it be? Big and tall. He suddenly thought of another man. He clapped his knee and looked at Ai Kun. "Could it be him?" He asked. Ai Kun asked who it was. Tang Jianning suddenly overturned his own guess, shaking his head and muttering to himself: "I'm afraid it's not his two brothers!" "Do you mean one of the Tie brothers in the Tianshan Mountains?" He asked in astonishment. Tang Jianning's face was slightly feverish. Embarrassed, he asked, "Do you think they look like the man in Brother Lin's mouth?" Ai Kun pondered and said nothing. After a long time, he said in a low voice, "They're all quite similar in stature and appearance. It's just that his brothers have never done anything like this." Tang Jianning was quite excited and blurted out, "It's hard to guarantee that his brother won't be out of his mind because Tie Guang hasn't been found yet. Didn't Brother Lin say that this man's nerves are somewhat abnormal?" This caused Ai Kun to be filled with guilt, and his face immediately showed a look of uneasiness. He hung his head and said, "I hope it's not them!" Ge Hongqian and Lin Qiantang did not know what was going on, so they did it at the same time. So Ai Kun gave a brief account of the cause and effect of the incident. And said: "If this person is really one of the two elders of the Tianshan Mountains, it is really caused by the disappearance of the Tieguang brothers, teach me how to have peace in my heart.". ” When Lin Qiantang heard this, he sighed and said, "It's just that I've only seen Tie Guang, but I haven't seen the abundance of the two Tie elders. Otherwise, I wouldn't have made them suspicious and made them uneasy." At this point, a man suddenly burst into the room with a very dignified face. He said to Ge Hongqian in a low voice, "My dear uncle, there is a legend outside that the madman who looks like a beggar just killed Gu Fengguang, the'Kuo Cang Xiong Jun '!" Although he said lightly, everyone heard clearly, can not help but be a shock! Tang Jianning immediately said flatly, "It seems that this man's nerves are really abnormal. Brother Lin and Gu Fengguang are white and black people, but they were beaten or killed by him one after another. Otherwise, he wouldn't have done this!"! Ah "Excuse me," he asked, "have you ever heard who this madman is?" The bearer looked at Ge Hongqian and saw that Ge Hongqian had no intention of stopping him. Then he replied truthfully, "I haven't heard of the name and nickname of the madman. I've only heard that I've rarely seen this man in Jianghu recently. Maybe he's a devil who hasn't been out of the mountains for a long time." When Ai Kun saw that Lin Qiantang's internal injury had healed and that the origin of the madman was still a mystery, he urged Tang Jianning to go home and rest. Tang Jianning returned alone to the farmhouse that Ai Kun had arranged for him, and the first thing he saw was a strange old man sitting on his bed! As soon as the strange old man saw Tang Jianning push the door and come in, he immediately said loudly, "Boy, you're back at last!" Tang Jianning was stunned at first, and then he was delighted! "Are you an eventful old-timer?" He asked with a smile. The strange old man suddenly took off his mask and replied, "The boy's ears are really not bad!"! Sit down. I have something to say to you. After Tang Jianning sat down as he spoke, the eventful old man said with a straight face,plastic pallet manufacturer, "Ji Lao Gui specially asked me to tell you that he has been investigating openly and secretly with Hong Lao Gui these days whether there are similarities and differences between the ghost kungfu of the hundred disabled thieves and the six Yang kungfu of the evil door. He has not found out the result at all. Therefore, when you have to fight with the hundred disabled thieves tomorrow, you should especially grasp the strength of your hand!"! Do you understand that the victory or defeat of this war with you is related to the great honor of two deaths and two lives? And who are these four? 。