Dandy Genius of Power (Power)

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Zhang Hongyu was so frightened that he took two steps back again and again, while Jun Haotian gloated and said to himself

Zhang Hongyu was so frightened that he took two steps back again and again, while Jun Haotian gloated and said to himself, "I didn't expect that this little girl is also a little fox!"! Chapter 728 Jun Dashao Hijacking 1. No one expected that there would be such a dramatic scene on the plane, which made people laugh and cry. Zhang Hongyu originally wanted to take the opportunity to get close to the beauty, but he didn't want Abe Youyu to play cards according to common sense. The passengers on the plane were dissatisfied with Zhang Hongyu's arrogant and domineering character. Now is the opportunity to heckle, several men hurriedly stood up from their seats, Zhang Hongyu surrounded in the middle. Zhang Hongyu said nervously, "What are you going to do?" One of them said in a tone, "In broad daylight, you dare to molest a girl on the plane. You have thrown the face of the Chinese people into it. We are going to seize you and send you off the plane. You are going to go to the police station to explain!" "Yes, such a big man still does such a dirty thing, we must teach him a good lesson!" "Don't mess around. Don't you see she's being framed?"? Are you all blind? Zhang Hongyu roared angrily. How dare you say we're blind? The brothers greeted him! As soon as the order was given, several people began to kick and punch Zhang Hongyu. Zhang Hongyu was surrounded in the middle, repeatedly howling: "Don't fight, don't fight!"! Do you know who I am? I don't care who you are? Hit this shameless man! Jun Haotian looked on, chuckled and sighed: "Hey, after all, there are still many good people in this world!" Abe Youyu grinned and gloated: "Lady-killer, let you embarrass us, this wants you to look good!" Zhang Hongyu's wailing has long alarmed the flight attendants inside the chassis, but these beautiful flight attendants saw the situation before, and also expressed schadenfreude. Do not know how long, a figure hurried to the first class shouted: "What are you doing?"? This is an airplane, please calm down the passengers! "Who are you?" Someone asked. This is the captain! Said the middle-aged man in uniform. Oh, captain! The man sneered and said, "Brothers, the captain is here, so let's give the captain a face." As he spoke, the man lifted Zhang Hongyu out and said, "This guy is openly molesting a girl on the plane. Captain, what do you think of this?" "Hm?" The captain hesitated for a moment. Zhang Hongyu was beaten black and blue at the moment, but he still insisted on defending: "I didn't, I didn't.". I am the president of Samsung Electronics in China, and I am going to London to talk about business. "If this guy is really the president of Samsung Electronics, then things will be difficult to handle, collapsible bulk containers ,plastic pallet crates," said the captain, his face getting even uglier. As soon as he tilted his head, the captain asked the flight attendant beside him: "Does this gentleman have any irregular behavior?" The flight attendants nodded hurriedly and said, "Yes, the captain. He first deliberately embarrassed the gentleman and the young lady. He was so embarrassed that he finally tried to molest the young lady directly. We all saw it!" "Yes, we all saw it!" Zhang Hongyu's heart was cold. "You're talking nonsense. I want to complain about you. I want to complain about you." The captain's eyebrows froze and he didn't know what he was thinking. Suddenly the captain gazed coldly at Jun Haotian and said, "Excuse me, sir, are you a female companion? Have you been violated by that gentleman just now?" Originally, the captain wanted to make a muddle, turning big things into small ones and small things into small ones. Jun Haotian looks very young, and it's easier to start with him. After all, if the flight is delayed, the matter will be really big. But apparently the captain looked down upon Jun Haotian. Jun Haotian snorted coldly: "Captain, right? It's not up to me whether it's violated or not. Look at my girlfriend's disheveled appearance, you should know!"! Besides, isn't there supposed to be surveillance on the plane? Bring it out and you'll see! The captain's eyes were cold and he said, "Sir, this is not a trivial matter. Please cooperate with us." "Well, how to cooperate?" Jun Haotian sneered. The captain waved his hand and said, "Take all three of them to the emergency room!" "Wait!" Jun Haotian waved his hand to stop him. "Do you have anything else, sir?" The captain asked with displeasure? Or was it a misunderstanding? Jun Haotian squinted and smiled, knowing that the captain was luring himself to say something in favor of Zhang Hongyu. Jun Haotian unzipped his seat belt and stood up: "I won't go with you to the emergency room. I just called the police.". I think the Binhai police will be here soon. I'm more relieved to leave this matter to the police. "How could you do that?" The captain was in a hurry and roared. It seems to be common sense to call the police. Captain, if your wife is violated, will you hand it over to some non-governmental people to deal with it? Jun Haotian snorted coldly. Do you know how much reaction you will cause and how much loss our company will suffer if you do this! Can you afford it? The captain said angrily and unscrupulously. With a bang, Jun Haotian slapped the small window of the plane, clanging, clanging. The small window of the plane was broken by Jun Haotian's slap, and the fragments fell inside and outside the plane one by one. Everyone froze and said to himself, "This young man is so strong. This glass is made of special material. It's incredible that it can be smashed by his slap.". Jun Haotian ignored everyone's surprise and snorted, "Well, the plane can't take off now. Let's wait for the police here!" The captain was so angry that he shivered all over: "You, you, you …" After more than ten years of flying, the captain has never encountered such a thing. "Come on, come on, arrest the terrorist who tried to intercept the plane, and arrest him immediately,plastic pallet suppliers," he said angrily. "Terrorists?" Jun Haotian disdained to say, "With such a big hat buckled down, the young master will show you as a terrorist for a while today!" 。 binpallet.com