Voiceless Rhythm of Qingchuan

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Yan Yun came over and patted Rong Yin: "No wonder you are so affectionate. You are handsome enough and cool enough.

Yan Yun came over and patted Rong Yin: "No wonder you are so affectionate. You are handsome enough and cool enough." For the sake of your frustration in love, I will not pursue why thirteen will know about my death, anyway, do not have to ask to know that your big mouth said to win sympathy. Rong Yin grabbed Yan Yun's hand on her shoulder, smiled softly, rolled her eyes, and forced her tears back. Then she said, "Oh, what about me? What's your impression of your future husband?" "He didn't look at me at all, and his eyes stayed on you all the time!" Yan Yun pouted and squinted. Come on, he doesn't have that feeling for me. You should know how sensitive I am. It should be really free and easy like a brother. Rong Yin clapped her hand. I know. Don't worry. Haven't I seen it yet? Although he cares about you, his eyes are really clear, unlike that silly old ten, full of affection. Why did you seduce others? Look at that innocent young heart tied to you. "" "We're fine. We talked a few times. Look at Lao Jiu. The first time we met, we saw that your soul was gone." "What's there to say about a color embryo judging people by their appearance." "It's not like judging people by their appearance, is it, Guwen Nvxia?" "I like innovation, and I like to use it like this. Do you have any opinions?" "I dare not!" …… Two people in the familiar relaxed bickering gradually left those annoying things. Chapter 14 true feelings "Rong Yin," when both of them were a little hungry, Yan Yun suddenly shouted, "Do you want to know what the princes are doing in the restaurant opposite?" "No!" Rong Yin did not consider the consequences of such an answer and answered briskly. Unthink? Really don't? Yan Yun squinted at Rong Yin with fox eyes. Yes, why don't you? Rong Yin immediately changed his words without ambition, and vowed that he could not think of it. I said,metal stamping parts, how can you forget my temper'for you 'when we haven't been apart for long? Yan Yun smiled like a flower, but let Rong Yin feel that she is the devil, "since we all want to, then let's go and have a look!"! Yin Yin, I know you want to invite me to dinner for a long time. Looking at Yan Yun deliberately walk proudly coquettish figure, Rong Yin straight in the back to scold bad friends, through so long, has been their own invitation to dinner. Making friends carelessly,DIN screw plug, how could I be confused by her playing the zither in a white skirt when I was a child, thinking that she was a beautiful fairy? "Yin Yin, walk faster!" Like feeling the belly of Rong Yin, Yan Yun suddenly stopped and smiled shyly at Rong Yin, almost letting Rong Yin spit out last year's meal. But you have to put on a smile to keep up with it, otherwise, I don't know how many more terrible things are waiting for you. Wu Feng: "My poor daughter, how could you be trampled underfoot by Yan Yun, the female devil?" Yan Yun smiled at Wu Feng and said, "Niang, isn't the child your own?"? How can you favor one over the other? Wu Feng stood up with his hair all over his body and said with a smile, "Yun Yun, you are the elder sister. When you should give way to your younger sister.." "Huh?" Hummed Yan Yun lazily. No wind: "Oh, I mean, should give way to the younger sister's time, should not give way to the time absolutely do not indulge!"! You go on! Mother has something to do. ) To the opposite restaurant, non standard fasteners ,alloy die casting, the waiter did not say where they were at all, but also looked like he would drive them away if he asked again. Rong Yin and Yan Yun looked at the hall seems to have a lot of very unfriendly eyes, had to shut up obediently. It was a young fellow who knew Rong Yin who came over quietly and told Rong Yin, "The Ninth Master is welcoming the distinguished guests in the No.1 private room. It's all covered upstairs!" Rong Yin had to smile, quietly gave the young man a piece of broken silver, pulled Yan Yun casually to find a table to sit down, ordered food, but Yan Yun ignored Rong Yin's dissuasion and told the waiter to add another pot of wine. Xiao Yin, don't you think it's strange? Yan Yun suddenly lowered her voice and asked mysteriously. "Strange, how not strange, there should be a lot of disguised guards in this hall!" In addition to discussing, Rong Yin was also glad that she finally shouted "small sound", so that her nerves were not "nervous" when she shouted "sound" in a disgusting way. I think this distinguished guest is probably the emperor! "I think so, too. Otherwise, if it were a minister or something like that, the two princes, who are usually at odds with each other, would not unite to invite them to dinner." Most of the time, the emperor went on a tour in disguise, and he didn't want to be too aggressive, so he only packed the second floor and let the bodyguards dress up! "It's safer this way, otherwise it's easier to recruit guards standing up at the entrance of the restaurant!" "That's right. I want to see what the emperor looks like!" Yan Yun looks like a nymphomaniac. You forget it, you will soon enter the palace, then want to see how to see, the key is not to expose you now, otherwise you will be very troublesome in the future! "Don't you want to see it?" "No, the emperor has nothing to see, a careless heart to play off!" "But if you please the emperor, you can ask him to marry the fourth Master!" "Even if I have the ability to please, I don't want to be one of the countless women of the Fourth Master." Before Rong Yin had finished speaking, she found that she was not right, because Yan Yun had to accept such a fate and share her husband with more than N women. I'm sorry, Yun Yun! Rong Yin apologized. Forget it, it's all right, I'm an optimist anyway! Yan Yun looks relaxed, but the deep sadness in her eyes is still hidden from Rong Yin, who has been together for many years. Just as the food and wine were brought up, Yan Yun hurriedly poured a cup for Rong Yin and filled it up for herself, "Come on, let's drink!"! May our future marriage be happy! "Wait, Yun Yun, you can't drink, you'll get drunk later." Rong Yin was busy stopping it. Yes, you are not a good drinker, but I am not drunk in a thousand cups, have you forgotten. As soon as Yan Yun raised her neck, the wine grunted down her stomach. Drink quickly, I have drunk, what do you mean you don't drink? Yan Yun looked at Rong Yin holding the cup and said in a hurry. All right, all right,car radiator cap, I'll drink! Rong Yin was busy drinking. Come on, have another drink, just dump those smelly men! Yan Yun filled another cup and drank it again. Rhyme. Don't drink. Rong Yin hurriedly advised. autoparts-dx.com