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On the one hand is to ask a clear, on the other hand is their own battle, the end of the killing and robbery

On the one hand is to ask a clear, on the other hand is their own battle, the end of the killing and robbery, in the future can be carefree and pure, under the fairyland of mountain springs, bright moon and breeze, a volume of Huangting, when singing to wine. Or talk in twos and threes, or wander in the mortal world to observe the various attitudes of the world. Such years, endless, is not carefree. Since the beginning of the flood, the endless cycle of killing and plundering has never subsided. Wars between witches and witches, wars between people and witches, wars between gods and gods, Lao Tzu's transformation into Hu, and havoc in the Heavenly Palace. Now Hongmeng has opened up 5.6 billion years, a great disaster, a comprehensive cause and effect, into five hundred years of struggle between Buddhism and Taoism, the struggle between heaven and man, finally boiling to the extreme. Thousands of years, hundreds of millions of years of intrigue, you kill me, I kill him. Even the immortals like Guang Chengzi are tired of it. Can't wait to get it over with. But now, it's time to end it. "Get up, Guangchengzi," said Primitive Tianzun. Guang Chengzi had no choice but to get up and stand aside. Primitive Tianzun added, "Although I have the magic power to open up heaven and split the earth,side impact door beams, I still want to respect the number of days. Hinayana Buddhism is the elder brother of the Eight Sceneries Palace. He left the Valley Pass in the human world.". Evolved from turning Hu into Buddha. I am not good at it. Besides, if you want to finish killing and robbing, it's not here. "If we want to finish the killing and robbery," said Taiyi Zhenren secretly, "if we don't do it here, we will look for it in Tiandaoism. It is also true that Tzu Hang has transformed Guanyin. Manjusri and Puxian also became Bodhisattvas. Although it was the same door after all. Now apostasy will be punished, and the number of days is doomed. There are names on the Deification List. But when you want to do it, you still can't bear it. Only against Tiandaoism in the future. Nezha is among them. After all, for my apprentice, how can I do it? However,cold drawn tubes, he did not say that Taiyi Zhenren was melancholy about the spirit beads. Suddenly, the sky was full of auspicious clouds and clear light. As if the Milky Way was hanging upside down, it hung down from thirty-three days away. Straight down at the gates of Changan. On the Qingguang overpass, Lao Tzu helped Bian to turn. Come down. Seeing Lao Tzu in the dust, Primitive Tianzun got up from his aloes and said, "Brother Dao will have to go to some trouble about Hinayana Buddhism." Lao Tzu said, "This is the cause and effect of my turning Hu into a Buddha. Naturally, I will come to end it." Primitive nodded and said, "That's right. I don't dare to be expert." Eighteen disciples came to see Luozi. Lao Tzu ordered all of them to get up. After that, sit down. "Go ahead," he said to Master Xuandu, "and call the Hinayana people to see you." Xuandu Shi received the decree and came to the front. But in the opposite field, Li Sheng, Wukong Taoist's heart has long been spinning rapidly. Think about countermeasures, but after thinking about it, there is still nothing to think about. Had to hold still, the manager did not move, the lamp and others also did not move. Sakyamuni Buddha even sat in silence, unable to tell how he looked. Since the destruction of the Pure Land, beam impact tubes ,side impact beams, he has lost the Ming King, but after many days of practice. In the heart has the enlightenment, almost to the extent of cutting oneself. Of the three corpses, oneself is hard to cut. He and Zhenyuanzi have been wandering at this critical moment for many years, and Wukong Taoist also achieved this way thousands of years ago. Have never beheaded themselves. Proof of the original non-force can not be done, but heaven in heaven and earth, it is inevitable that there are private. Between actions, there is always a move against the sky, so there must be doom. After beheading the three corpses, Dao Xing entered an incredible situation. Not dominated by emotion at all. Only respect the number of days. Follow the way of nature. Therefore, it can seek good fortune and avoid disaster. The heart is in line with the number of days. Natural plunder can not be imminent, but can accumulate magic power with immeasurable plunder time, and eventually become a mixed yuan Wuji Taishang Avenue. This is the way to kill three corpses. All the Mahayana Buddhists in the Western Heaven were extinct, but Li Sheng did not care much about it. The Mahayana was about to be destroyed, and the Hinayana had the hope of being overtaken. Li Sheng defeated the Buddha in the Hinayana fight. It's natural to think about it. My teacher and Amitabha Buddha did not come, obviously because the Buddha's Mahayana Buddhist luck had been exhausted and could not be saved. Now the Primitive Heaven has destroyed three thousand Buddhas. But do not start, destroy my Hinayana, must be we still have luck. The details are still worth considering. The Taoist Wukong thought about it in his heart. Suddenly, he saw the clear sky hanging down and Lao Tzu coming. Suddenly, his heart was clear: "My teacher and Amitabha Buddha are not coming, but I haven't been robbed yet. It must be a chance of survival. It's where Nu Wa is. It's just that the monkey killed the boy with the silver horn earlier.". Break Laojun's bottle again. The boy with the silver horn also deserves to die, and this is obedient to heaven. It's just that the bottle shouldn't be broken. So against the day, finally no gas number. ” "It's just that my incarnation, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, is not as good as a bottle?"? Yes, under the number of days, people and bottles seem to be the same. Wukong Taoist is himself, the monkey, and Li Sheng is the result of his obsession. Since the monkey was killed by the primitive, he has realized the true meaning that the number of days cannot be contested. It also seems that, like Sakyamuni, he almost beheaded himself. So when the monkey went to the altar, the Taoist Wukong didn't care. He just lost his magic power. Although the three are one person, each of them is shaped by different obsessions and has different temperaments. Just as he was thinking about it, Master Xuandu got off the stage and shouted, "The Taiqing Patriarch has come and asked you to come up and see him." Sakyamuni Buddha hurriedly got down from the reed canopy and said, "We, the Hinayana people, were performed by Laojun when he left Hangu Pass in the west.". Now that it has been destroyed, I want to return to the original state. You have seen Laojun with me. At that moment, all the people went down to the reed canopy, followed by Sakyamuni, came to the gates of Chang'an, and fell to the ground to pay their respects to Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu said, "Now the Mahayana is dead, and so is the Hinayana.". Adhering to my way of luck, after a doom, there is only the day of prosperity. You can temporarily take refuge in Buddhism, and after hundreds of years of teaching, you can abandon Buddhism and return to the Tao, and you can still enjoy purity and freedom. Sakyamuni Buddha said, "We are respecting the Dharma of our teacher." Everyone worshipped, but Li Sheng said in his heart, "Although we are Hinayana, after all, we have occupied the word Buddha.". If you abandon it, what else is it? But the overall situation has been decided, even if Li Sheng has something to say. But it's hard to say. Only secretly said: "I have to go to see my teacher, only then can I be taught separately.". Now there are no words. Primitive Tianzun is the leader of Hun yuan Wuji Taishang Sect. I don't know what Li Sheng is thinking. Only secretly thought: this son of this disaster can not escape. Someone will take care of it. He said that the monkey was dead and fell into a golden cudgel as he wished. Ginseng fruit tree, green lotus and color flag. Flying Sword, Nine Tripod Seal of Dayu,aluminium coated tubes, and other stolen instruments. See the original, with a finger, the golden cudgel just restored. Has become a root. cbiesautomotive.com