Female prodigal son

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The rickshaw puller roared, rose to his feet, and with a sudden burst of divine power, his body began to spin

The rickshaw puller roared, rose to his feet, and with a sudden burst of divine power, his body began to spin, turning the screaming mule driver like a stick. The Shandong Da Lei in the move became more and more urgent. Another mule driver was shocked and grabbed a stick beside the cart. Put the man down! The mule driver shouted, but he didn't dare to rush in. Ah! Someone is going to die. The shopkeeper who unloaded the horse shouted wildly. Give it to you! The rickshaw puller gladly ordered the mule driver, who had spun four or five turns, to throw his hand at another mule driver and move forward like Mount Tai. Fly and smash. Another mule driver did not dare to pick up the man, flashed to the side, and then rushed up with his stick, summoning the roots of the old tree to attack the lower plate, trying to break the driver. Feet or calves, wild, the wind whistles! The rickshaw puller, who was twenty feet away back flip, let out a wild laugh and untied his whip in midair. There was a flash of black light and lightning, like an angry young dragon. Still churning, people have not yet landed, and the noise has been heard. Bah! The tip of the whip struck the mule driver's back lute bone. "Ah.." The mule driver threw his stick and barked wildly, and the servant rolled in pain. The coachman fell to the ground and his face changed. The whip could not be retrieved, and a ragged dervish stepped on its sheath. It couldn't have happened. It happened. Although the mud is dry,beam impact tubes, it is not solid, and there is floating dust on the surface. The soles of the dervish's multi-ear hemp shoes are not hard, so how can they step on the tough tips of the whip? It should slip out effortlessly. The mendicant monk was in his early fifties. He was thin and short, two sizes smaller than the rickshaw puller. With a haggard hand, he lit a walking stick. There is a cattail bag hanging under the flank, and there must be a magic bowl in it. It is not too much to describe this ascetic monk as a poor man. It seems that he has been malnourished for many years, and the wind can blow. How much strength can those dusty feet have? It was too hard to support his body, but he stepped on his body with amazing power and martial arts. The whip in the driver's hand. Ha ha ha! Bet on a vegetarian meal. The monk smiled like a proud old hen who had just laid an egg,stainless steel tube 304, and in his hand was a five-foot-long asking stick. Before one refers to: "Bet Tan Yue absolutely pulls ceaseless whip, bet not to bet?"? Ha ha ha ha.. The coachman stroked his horse and pulled on his whip, which was like a bowstring stretched too tightly. The tip of the monk's staff pointed to his face, eight feet away. Outside, however, his beard stood up, his eyes blinked with difficulty, and his head wriggled, as if to break free from some terrible invisibility. The pain of hitting the body and face. At the door of the shop, several people poured out, including the shopkeeper, the man of Uncle Kou, and two knights, a man and a woman of Qiao Lvlv. The monk was laughing happily and getting carried away when a strange rope with a thick little finger flashed silently behind him. But extremely fast, in a flash of lightning, Precision steel tubes ,side impact door beams, wrapped around the monk's thin neck, wrapped around two and a half turns, the end of the rope was just buckled. Live, so as soon as the tension is tight, the skill is superb, extremely skilled. I'll take a bet, too. From behind came a female voice: "No phase of magic increase, bet a penny, your neck must not be strangled." Break, bet or not? "Poor.." Poor monk. No gambling. The rootless demon monk was so frightened that he was unable to raise his staff again: "Yes.." Who is it? "It's me." The strange rope loosened and disappeared. The Wuxiang Demon Monk suddenly turned around, and fire seemed to come out of the ghost's eyes. About eight feet behind her, Aunt Qing, who was half old in the Jingqin cloth skirt, was skillfully wrapping the glittering rope into a small bundle. The clear eyes, which were full of cold electricity, looked coldly at the frightened and angry monk. The poor monk doesn't know you. "How dare you, little woman," cried Wuxiang in a vulgar rage. "How dare you hide behind my demon monk!" It's a sneak attack. It's reversed! "Monk, you don't know me. It's enough that I know you." Auntie Qing's tone was as cold as her eyes: "If you Barking for chickens, cats and dogs can frighten me, and you will find that you have made a fatal mistake, because if I am not sure to restrain you, Your head is no longer on your neck. "But the poor monk doesn't believe it." Without waiting for the Demon Monk to rush up and show his power, there was already a shout from Uncle Kou behind him! "Master Wuxiang should not be reckless." Uncle Kou came hurriedly and said, "That's the dragon sinew tied with the fairy rope in the rumor. It can break the family spirit." Work, get a bone and flesh crack, Xuanmen Gang Qi can not withstand a blow, that is the blade of the East China Sea Sanxian. How hot is your Sumeru Zen? Can't resist a thunderbolt. ” The Wuxiang Demon Monk was taken aback, and his cane drooped feebly. He is a connoisseur. Aunt Qing said coldly. Is the girl the younger brother of Donghai Sanxian? Uncle Kou asked kindly. Yes, Xiuzhen Sanshen Mountain has achieved a little success after 40 years of hard work. Aunt Qing's tone was still cold. Under the door of the superior, I am disrespectful. The girl is really successful. Does she have a prejudice against Buddhism? "It has nothing to do with prejudice. It's just that when you see injustice on the road, you reach out and meddle.". Do you want to get involved? "I dare not." As soon as Uncle Kou shivered, he couldn't help but take a step back: "I'm just trying to stop the fight. It's hot and difficult." In order to avoid excessive anger, it's all right after the matter is over. Master Wuxiang, let's go! "The poor don't go away, and the poor want to go to the temple to register." The Wuxiang Demon Monk said surly, "Does Nvtan dare to leave her name?" "I'm not leaving either. I want to find a place to drop off." Aunt Qing turned around and brought back a parcel from under the tree. "My surname is Gong Liang, Donghai." Sanshen Mountain Sanxian Gate, do you remember it clearly? "The poor monk remembers." "Wuxiang Demon went away with hatred and went to the end of the street to find the temple to register." Thank you, Miss Gongliang, for the virtue of relieving distress. "The rickshaw puller wrapped his whip around him and saluted and thanked Aunt Qing." You are welcome. Don't call me a girl, young man. Auntie Qing smiled kindly, and the chill in her eyes disappeared: "Just practicing alchemy." I've been practicing for forty years. How old do you think I should be? "The little one should call the girl a senior." "Should.". Oh! I wonder if there is an inn here? "This restaurant also runs a hotel, and the owner of the small one stays in the restaurant, and there are rooms, and the small one leads the older generation to the restaurant." "Thank you!" The two men seemed to have nothing to do with each other, and Uncle Kou, who looked on coldly,Precision Welded pipes, really thought that they had been strangers before, the gate of Sanshen Mountain in the East China Sea. How could a female disciple know a rickshaw driver? In the north of the hotel at the end of the street, there is a small Bixia yuanjun Temple. cbiesautomotive.com