Jun Nan Fang (complete edition)

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Mei Guo's heart was pumping fiercely, his breath was short, and he was afraid that he would not like to talk.

Mei Guo's heart was pumping fiercely, his breath was short, and he was afraid that he would not like to talk. At this time, the word "yes" burst out of his mouth. As a result, she breathed a sigh of relief, stepped back a few steps, put her hands on the table, and sat down on the cattail mat where Jin Rui sat when she made a house call. When Jin Rui heard the noise, she dropped the herbs in her hand and ran into the clinic three steps at a time. She saw Mei Guo holding the desk in one hand and the medicine cabinet behind her in the other. She was sitting behind the desk with sweat on her forehead. She only said that she had fallen down and her face had changed greatly. She ran to her side and reached out to uncover her robe. The fetus in her abdomen was very unstable. If she did not pay attention to it, she might have a miscarriage. Mei Guo pressed the back of his hand, his hand on her abdomen, two people at the same time a stupefied. Jin Rui looked up at her pale little face. "How do you feel?" "I'm fine." Mei Guo's heart fluttered and let go of his hand. Jin Rui grabbed her wrist with his backhand, put his finger on her pulse, and breathed a sigh of relief. "Be careful in the future." Mei Guo nodded muddleheaded, just want to get up, he has been picked up, sent back to the house, put on the bed. At the end of the day, she, too, felt tired. She let him take off his shoes and lie down. When he went out, she turned sideways and stroked the strings with one hand. Although all his actions were normal and there was no more ambiguity, she was still secretly happy. Jin Rui stepped down the steps, heard the sound of the piano behind him, stopped at his feet, looked back at her eyes open, one hand pillowed under his head, one hand playing the piano, lips slightly raised, the foot of the mountain more than her, not as cold as before. Ginkgo stared at him, curled the corners of his mouth, stomped his feet and turned to run away. In the evening, Mei Guo heard the third watch, and Jin Rui went into the room and got on the opposite bamboo couch for a long time. It was time to go to bed. He crept out of bed, touched the medicine shelf, took the bottle of bruised medicine on the back, and gently touched his bed. As soon as Jin Rui entered the room, she sat on a bamboo couch with her back against the wall. Her hand on her bent knee was reading a medical book. After hearing the knock in the third watch, she was a little sleepy. She was about to undress and lie down when she saw Mei Guo slip out of bed like a thief and roll up the book in her hand. Qing Xiao's eyes were chasing her figure. When she took the bottle of medicine for traumatic injuries and stood in front of her, her heart was warm and silent, and she looked at her confused face quietly to see what she was going to do. Mei Guo stood on the edge of the couch and hesitated for a moment. She stretched out her hand to touch his skirt. As soon as she stretched out her hand, she drew back and slipped back to the medicine shelf. This time, she took the incense. Jin Rui curled his face and laughed, and his cool and handsome face flickered in the candlelight. Wait for her to approach, hold one's breath to look at her to make trouble, the eyebrow is raised a bit, she uses the fan incense to be smooth sailing, skillful very much. She did not know that he had been dealing with poisons for many years, precision welded tubes ,impact beam tubes, and that ordinary incense could not be useful to him. Intentionally heavy breathing. When Meiguo heard this, she bit her lip and chuckled. She only said that she had got it. She summoned up the courage to untie his clothes and whispered in her mouth, "Don't blame me. It's really your temper that makes people too difficult to figure out. If you were more easy-going, I wouldn't have used this dirty means." Jin Rui shook his head with a wry smile, and she used the means of the three abuses in the game garden. Looked at her little hand trembling slightly to peel off his clothes, and listen to her way: "This person is a smelly habit, sleep also want to sit to sleep." His cold face could not stop. The woman had been naughty before, but now she was blind, and her nature was still hard to change. When she gave up, her bad nature came out. She pulled and pulled for a long time before she uncovered his clothes, poured medicinal liquor on the palm of her hand, and covered his waist. Jin Rui body a stiff, want to avoid, looking at her face carefully, a soft heart, stiff did not move. Meiguo wiped his waist all over before he breathed a sigh of relief, gathered his clothes for him, turned around and took a step away, then turned back, reached out to touch his face, touched his eyebrows and eyes little by little, straight nose, soft thin lips, and the jade comb that gathered his hair was the same as before, which had never been changed. Jin Rui was extremely disgusted with women touching him in the past, and he had never been touched like this. When her cool little hand touched his cheek a little bit, he did not have any idea of avoiding it. He just looked at her eyes quietly, still so black, but without brilliance. These eyes made him feel distressed. A tear suddenly fell from Meiguo's eyes. "It's a pity I can't see you," she said faintly. Jin Rui wanted to hold the little hand that stroked his face and said that he would see it. But his hand hanging at his side just clenched the scroll in his hand, and the pain in his heart was so painful that he was not 100% sure that she could recover her sight. Watching her slowly drop her hand, pull the quilt, cover him, turn away, lower her eyelids, and meditate, maybe it's time to fight. Mei Guo put the medicine bottle back on the medicine shelf, climbed into bed, turned sideways to embrace the piano, and looked at the opposite bamboo couch. Although she could not see it, she still wanted to look at it like this. She did not know that Jin Rui was sitting opposite and staring at her eyes. The bruised waist pinched by Meiguo was not painful at first. He covered his waist with his hand. Could it be that the medicinal liquor he prepared was so effective? The next day, after the patient had dispersed and had lunch, Jin Rui did not treat her eyes and took her to the market to customize her clothes. Originally thought that she was weak and should not be tired, but eventually did not trust her to stay at home alone, and thought that in the past she liked to go to the market near the game garden with Ming Hong, perhaps there were many people outside, which could make her feel better, so she simply took her with her. In the past two days, the news that he had a blind wife had spread all over the nearby villages and towns. It was very curious that there was a woman like him who was willing to marry, not to mention a blind woman. When they both appeared in the market, all the people in the street stopped to watch and saw that although Meiguo's body was single, her temperament and appearance were so beautiful that they had never seen before. They had never seen how bright Meiguo's eyes were before she was blind,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, but now they looked dark and colorful, extremely moving. If they had not known in advance that she was blind, where could they see it. cbiesautomotive.com