Seven birds' paws

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Needless to say, it was you? Mo Xiaoqing could not help blushing.

As soon as the two girls saw this, they each suppressed their anger and lowered their heads together. Shi Jizhi shook his voice and said, "What time is it now?" You're still arguing. It's better for me to go back! He said that he was really going to jump up to the stone railing. Not wanting to move, his two hands were caught by the two women, the left is Mo Xiaoqing, the right is Danlus, two women a pair of faces, can not help but blush, can not help but let go of their hands, turned away. Seeing this, Shi Jizhi sighed and saw his palms pushing back slightly. By this time, the boat had gone straight into the lotus bushes. But this leaf boat is very small, only five feet long and two feet wide, two people on it is barely enough, not to mention three people. Fortunately, all three of them had a very light body, standing on the boat, the boat only slightly sank half an inch. Mo Xiaoqing bent down and said, "I'd better row out. I know the way." Desert Red Dan Ruth also bent down, and the three of them were speechless for a moment. The boat turned left and right in the lotus, very fast, and in a moment, it had rowed out of the pool and came to the ice lotus pool. Shi Jizhi was surprised, because the ice lotus was a kind of lotus born on the surface of the water, and the lotus leaves were rare, and the boat was on it without any cover, just like an ordinary boat sailing on the surface of the water, with its body exposed. The three of them all clung to the surface of the boat and wanted to follow Shi Jizhi. They wished they could use the flying skill of crossing the river with a reed to light the lotus leaves on the surface of the water to go ashore, but the two women did not have such extreme flying skill. All of a sudden,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, the boat was no more than five or six feet away from the shore. Shi Jizhi took the lead in shaking his arms and took off and landed on the shore with the stunt of "a crane soaring into the sky." Only then did the three of them stand firm, but he heard a gloomy sneer: "Why did you come at this time? We've been waiting for a long time! Three people are not surprised, busy to the voice place a look, are not frightened a chill, dark thought this can be over. It turned out that there was a pavilion under the shade of a tree where three people were sitting on a stone bench. It was the three elders of the Tianshan Mountains, Qin Mian, the white-haired king, Sha Mengdou, the iron-shouldered old man, and Hao Yunhe,shuttle rack system, the golden flute. The speaker was Qin Mian, the white-haired king, who stroked the silver beard under his chin with one hand and walked slowly out of the pavilion. Sha Mengdou, an old man with an iron fan, and Hao Yunhe, a student with a golden flute, followed him with a frosty face. Seeing this, Shi Jizhi could not help complaining secretly. As soon as Mo Xiaoqing and Dan Lusi saw this, they were taken aback and retreated several steps in a row. Tianshan Sanlao had slowly walked out of the pavilion and surrounded the three people on three sides, their eyes shining with burning light. Danlus and Mo Xiaoqing lost their minds for a moment, and Mo Xiaoqing called out, "Brother Shi, let's run!" Shi Jizhi could not help shaking his head slightly. He knew that in front of the three elders of the Tianshan Mountains, how could he run away? He could only humiliate himself. Sha Mengdou, an old man with an iron fan, chuckled and said, "Run?" As he spoke, his eyes stared at Mo Xiaoqing, and a layer of frightening color gushed out of his face. The three men had retreated to the edge of the pool and could not retreat any more, and the three elders fixed their bodies on three sides. Qin Mian, metal racking systems ,heavy duty metal racking, the white-haired king, stepped forward. Instead of speaking to Shi Jizhi, he turned his eyes to Mo Xiaoqing and said coldly, "Girl!"! What's your last name? Mo Xiaoqing straightened her chest and said, "My name is Guan Xiaoqing." When Shi Jizhi heard this, he was shocked. Because the three elders of Tianshan Mountain had always been extremely respected in the martial arts world, anyone should be courteous to the three of them. Unexpectedly, Guan Xiaoqing, a younger generation, dared to speak to them like this. Is oneself, although the heart hates three old extremely, but on the surface still dare not bring out the color, this small clear is too bold. Shi Jizhi was afraid that she would suffer a loss, so he hurried aside and said in a deep voice, "Xiao Qing must not be rude!"! This is the elder Qin Mian, the white-haired king of the three elders in Tianshan Mountain. Then he took the lead in bowing to the three elders and said, "Disciple Shi Jizhi, say hello to the three elders." Desert Red Dan Ruth also bent down and called out: "Hello, three grandfathers!" " Because she was a close friend of Nasha Nianci, and Womei Village was also a place where she often came, she always called Sanlao Grandpa, so it was inconvenient for her to change her words at this time. But that Mo Xiaoqing, born with a strong temper that refused to bow, because he hated the three elders for locking Shi Jizhi in the dungeon, he was already full of resentment and had nowhere to go. Is it not a dream to ask her to present herself to the Tianshan Mountains now. Hearing Shi Jizhi's words, he looked at the three old people in the Tianshan Mountains with a frosty face, moved his eyes to the lotus pond, and looked disdainful. Seeing this, Qin Mian, the white-haired king, burst out laughing. He nodded and said, "What an unruly and ignorant girl!"! How much ability do you have? How dare you enter my Wolmeizhuang? It's like entering no man's land. You despise our three old men too much. Later, his white hair stood on end and he asked in a harsh voice, "Who is your master?" Mo Xiaoqing wanted to say his father's name, because Mo Xiaocang and Tianshan Sanlao still had a love affair, but suddenly thought that Shi Jizhi was beside him, in case he said his father's name, he was afraid that he would not forgive himself first, so he had to bite the bullet and carelessly tunnel: "I don't have a master.." As a matter of fact, her words were not a lie. Her martial arts were all taught by her father, who pointed to the demon Mo Xiaocang. But Qin Mian, the white-haired king, heard them and thought that she was deliberately ridiculing her. Suddenly, he became angry and sneered, "Good!"! Girl doll, you have the courage to say that yesterday when I was fighting with Shi Jizhi, I secretly used my palm to fight against my palm. Needless to say, it was you? Mo Xiaoqing could not help blushing. When she heard this, she nodded and said, "You are a martial arts elder, but you bully a younger generation like this. I can't stand it, girl!" As soon as this remark was made, Qin Mian, the white-haired king, could not help but feel a burst of heat on his face. He was about to raise his right palm, but he heard the sand dream shouting: "Shut up!" Shi Jizhi three people can not help but be startled, then see this Sha Mengdou with a hand pointing to Mo Xiaoqing: "What kind of person are you, dare to talk to us three people like this?"? If I don't give you a good one today, I don't know who I am, the Three Elders of the Tianshan Mountains! Mo Xiaoqing put her hands on her hips and said with a slight sneer, "You can do whatever you want. I won't be afraid of you anyway." As soon as the words came out of Fang's mouth, Sha Mengdou had already pushed out a palm. Mo Xiaoqing carried both palms to the enemy with "Pai Shan Palm Force", but unexpectedly,automated warehouse systems, Shi Jizhi in the slanting stab had already split a palm first, and met Sha Mengdou's palm work. With a big shock in the air, the two of them each retreated a few steps.