Reborn Miss Jiao of the Republic of China

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Tang Jiao knew this. Holding Xu Jing on her arm, she whispered, "Yes, don't say anything.

Shen Qing had confirmed overnight last night that this was indeed the business of the Xu family. Their factory in the suburbs and three shops had to sell out at the same time. But even though the price was already very low, the three shops and one factory were tied together. No matter how low it was, few people would feel that the price was right and affordable, so it was still not easy to find someone to sell. Tang Jiao: "Doing business is about making a profit. What we are doing now is just a small thing. We still need to find a very suitable person to calculate the total value. Only in this way can we be very sure how much price we use to buy is the most appropriate.". Although Xu Jing is my classmate, our family's money is not blown by the strong wind. I know how hard my uncle is. So even if we want to talk about it, it should be within a reasonable range. Shen Qing agreed with his niece's point of view, and at the same time felt a little touched, no matter how, for so many years, they knew his hard work. He never asked for anything else, but he was always in a good mood to think of being remembered. "All right," he said, "I'll have further discussions with them on this matter. You can rest assured." Tang Jiao smiled: "Since my uncle wants to transform, in fact, the entity is still very appropriate, and some things related to people's livelihood are very necessary." Shen Qing listened and said yes. Tang Jiao saw his uncle remember in his heart, and he was completely relieved. Shen Qing moves very quickly, since it is already decided, but there is no delay, it is only half a month of kung fu Tang Jiao saw Xu Jing at school, Xu Jing has not been to school for more than a month. When she went to school this time, everyone gathered around her and asked her about her condition. She said that other people's gossip was neat and her own was merciless. Many people knew that something had happened to her family,asrs warehouse, but more details were not clear. Seeing that she went to school again, they speculated that her family's affairs had been handled well, and they all surrounded her. Xu Jing's character did not change much when she came back this time. She was still lively and cheerful. When she saw Tang Jiao entering the door, she winked at her. Tang Jiao smiled, but did not say more. After school in the evening, she took Tang Jiao and refused to let go: "Let's go to eat ice together. I'll treat you." Tang Jiao burst out laughing and said with emotion, "It's cold now. Shall we go to eat ice?" Days passed quickly, this feeling a few days ago also hot as if can come down the fire,radio shuttle racking, experienced an autumn rain immediately cold up. Two or three rains have come, and now they have to wear coats. Tang Jiao originally felt that she was a very resilient person, whether in winter or summer, it seems that the weather does not make much difference to her, but now suddenly it is different. As if all of a sudden delicate up. Not how she felt cold is not good, hot days is nest in the room do not like to go out, her mother all sigh with emotion she this is the character of the little princess, my God! No, she's not! Tang Jiao thought for a moment, "Why don't we go to drink milk tea? I know there is a great milk tea shop on Fukaisen Road.". The red bean milk tea there is not too good to drink! She turned to look at Li Yunchao and said, "Yunchao is together." Li Yunchao waved his hand again and again and said, "Not today. Our family has a reading party tonight. I want to go home early to help prepare for it." She smiled shyly and then whispered, "You go and play. I'll treat you another day." Both girls said yes. Xu Jing held Tang Jiao affectionately and they went out together. "Thank you, Tang Jiao," she whispered. Tang Jiao tilted her head to look at her and asked with a smile, heavy duty cantilever racks ,Automated warehouse systems, "Thank me?" Xu Jing was not sure whether Tang Jiao knew or not, but she said seriously: "Of course, thank you!"! If it weren't for you, your uncle wouldn't have bought our shop! Xu Jing stopped, took Tang Jiao's hand and said very seriously, "Thank you very much. You have solved a big problem in our family.". You don't know.. She bit her lip, then shook her head and said, "We won't mention that. Go on. I'll treat you to milk tea." Tang Jiao heard his uncle say that the matter was almost settled, and they made an appointment to sign the contract today, but this matter was not told to anyone else. In the dark, after all, both sides do not want to cause any changes. Tang Jiao is able to guess one or two, now there are several people who want to buy Xu's shop, but they are all deadlocked in the price, in general, although Shen Qing also depresses the price, but it is still very good relative to others. The Xu family does not want this matter to spread, other people to stir up, when the time comes if Shen Qing retreat, then their family can only sell at their price, or even lower price. And Shen Qing is do not want to have any other variables, if someone is also interested in raising the price, then he will have to pay more costs here, both have their own ideas, it is precisely because of this, it is secret not to say to outsiders. According to the time, the two people should have signed the contract by now. Although the Shen family is relatively rich, it is not a small amount of money after all, and both sides are extremely cautious. Tang Jiao knew this. Holding Xu Jing on her arm, she whispered, "Yes, don't say anything. I'm afraid others can guess one or two if you say too much. It's better to be quiet.". A lot of things will not have any variables, and it will be much smoother. Xu Jing although big mouth, but such a key thing can not say, and Tang Jiao is good, she quickly nodded to show that she understands. Two people come to milk tea shop together, Tang Jiao: "I want to drink two cups." Xu Jing burst out laughing and said yes. Although Tang Jiao did not take it seriously, Xu Jing said seriously: "My father said let me get along well with you, you are a good person." Tang Jiao felt that she had not been sent a "good man card" for a long time, and suddenly you were a good man, which made her want to laugh. "Actually, you don't have to thank me," she said. "In fact, it's all business. There's no such thing as who owes who. Not to mention that you don't know whether the contract has been signed or not, even if it has been signed.". Xu Jing, you don't owe me anything. If you don't take advantage of us, it's not our timely help. I can only say that this is a very happy cooperation between both sides, right? Xu Jing was a little puzzled,warehouse storage racks, but she also knew that Tang Jiao was well-intentioned and nodded with a smile. Tang Jiao did not want to make her feel uncomfortable, so she said so, she understood.