Endless sword outfit

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But because the swordsmith accidentally put an unknown piece of metal in it, the sword mutated and was finally bought back by Ye Bai. A

Every swordsman, perhaps, at this moment, is in the same mood as Ye Bai. In the underground cave, extending in all directions, outside this hall, there is even a hole in the sky. Ye Bai and Wu Mei said goodbye to Tai Shu Qian Yan, followed the old man to turn left and right, and finally slanted across a slightly damp stone road, which presented them with a vast and huge underground sword workshop. Sword Square is very strict, all kinds of equipment are complete, countless iron ingots and copper ingots are piled up in a corner. This is the underground Sword Square built by Tai Shu's family before, for this day, which is their biggest secret. Sword workshop on the ground outside, just cast some ordinary swords with low technology, batch casting, sold to the outside world, confidentiality is not high. And this underground sword workshop is the place where they really cast the best swords. Except for some elders and above, few people know about the whole Tai Shu family, so it was not discovered by the Ximen family until it was destroyed. After that, they tried their best to explore in many ways, but since the family of Tai Shu dared to open such a secret sword workshop here, the degree of secrecy was naturally very high. The family of Ximen searched for decades, but to no avail, and wasted manpower and material resources. Finally, they could only give up and hate it. Now, it has become the place where'Jian Bo 'casts swords for Ye Bai. It was already ten days later. During the ten days, the old man was busy in a huge furnace with the three sword-refining materials sent by Ye Bai. Ye Bai knew nothing about sword-refining, so he could only watch the fire and fight. Ten days later, the old man revised them one by one according to Ye Bai's request, and finally made three sword molds and put them in front of Ye Bai. Although he had not yet had time to start forging, with these three sword molds alone,teardrop pallet racking, Ye Bai was able to see the edge of the sword when it was formed. And on this day, the old man will officially start casting the sword, before casting the sword, he gave Ye Bai three choices. Because Ye Bai got a lot of silver and copper, which sword used more or less, if the best distribution of materials, the quality of each sword cast naturally has a great difference. And the three choices the old man gave Ye Bai were: First, to make three six-rank swords with the same handle, with equal materials, and finally to make the swords, all of which were six-rank middle-grade. The second is to create three swords with different attributes, with slightly different dosages. One is the top grade of the sixth rank, one is the middle grade of the sixth rank, and one is the bottom grade of the six rank. The third is to maximize the distribution of all the best materials to one of the swords to create a six-level best, while the remaining scraps are used to cast two six-level inferior products at random. The quality of the first handle must be very high, while the quality of the last two handles must be very poor. Each of these three plans has its own disadvantages, and the old man did not say much, push back racking system ,push back racking system, but only put forward the plan, waiting for Ye Bai to make his own choice. After hearing the old man's words, Ye Bai did not hesitate to choose the third one, because he knew very well how precious a six-rank sword was, even if he gave up the other two completely, it was worth it. Thinking of this, Ye Bai suddenly remembered something, stretched out his hand, three pieces of red color, black and purple, as if there was a thin mercury flowing in the middle of the strange black iron, and a purple, light sword with a strange light, appeared in his palm. He looked at the old man and said, "Yes, I have two more materials here. I don't know if they are useful for the older generation to refine their swords." The old man was stunned. "What is it?" He asked. Look at the two things in Ye Bai's hands. Suddenly, his eyes suddenly brightened, and he rushed up with a vertical step. He picked up the three strange pieces of black iron and the long sword. He looked at the black iron first, put it down after a while, and then picked up the sword. After looking at it for a long time, he sighed: "Cold light strange iron, purple light demon iron.." Why is it useless? Of course it's useful. These are two extremely rare materials for refining swords. Although they are not as good as congenital blood crystal and sinking star meteorite iron, they can greatly increase the sharpness and sharpness of the three swords when they are added to the three swords I want to forge! At this point, the old man couldn't help complaining, "With these two things, I can use them to refine one of the sixth-level swords into a sixth-level or above. Why didn't you say so earlier and take it out earlier?". I have to reset the distribution ratio again, which takes a lot of effort! When Ye Bai heard this, he couldn't help touching his head and said with an embarrassed smile, "It's been a long time. I forgot it for a while. I suddenly remembered it because my predecessors were going to start casting swords." Cold light strange iron, a total of three pieces, was when he was still in the Ye family, a trip to experience, accidentally found, at that time also afraid of others miss, collected tightly, and later has been stacked in the corner of the three python snow ring, too long, almost forgotten. But this Ziyin Iron Sword was bought by him from Huoyun Weapon Shop at the beginning. It was not even Xuanbing. It was just a sword cast by ordinary people. But because the swordsmith accidentally put an unknown piece of metal in it, the sword mutated and was finally bought back by Ye Bai. According to Jian Lao, this Ziyin Iron Sword contains the legendary Ziyin Iron Essence, that is, the legendary "demon iron", which is the most evil thing in the world. The swordsmiths cast the sword without knowing it. When they woke up, they were all seriously ill and could not get out of bed for three months. All the appraisers who were asked to appraise the sword did not dare to approach the sword at all and directly identified it as an unknown weapon. This sword is naturally useless, Ye Bai later entered Zijing Valley, with a better sword, this sword was slowly sealed up, but he always remembered that as long as he found a relatively rare free iron, he could separate the'Ziyin iron essence 'contained in this sword and re-cast it. And such a rare top-grade casting material, in the hands of a skillful swordsmith, can make a top-grade famous sword, which is not comparable to those ordinary swordsmiths who do not know anything. However,medium duty racking, the difficulty is that Ye Bai has not found the free iron, so he forgot the sword. At this time, the old man was going to cast the sword. Ye Bai suddenly remembered that there was a master of sword casting in front of him. Maybe he could find a way? So he took these two things out. kingmoreracking.com