Seven Swords to Tianshan Mountain

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What's the cost?" Strength? Kangxi snorted and said, "You won't be able to leave the palace alive."

Yes, to spoil her like this, according to the queen mother, when closed, the layout of the room is completely forbidden to move, precious things. And you're not allowed to take it out. When Mao Huanlian heard this, she was even more heartbroken. Secret way: the original mother to the queen mother to pull to kill the moment before, is reading. My father's poem, and that poem was written on the eve of their separation. If my dad finds out, he'll never die. Purpose. Standing beside Kangxi with his hands down, the bodyguard bowed and asked, "What does the emperor want to take out?" "Treasure," said Kangxi. I don't care about Bei. I came here to see what relics my father had put here, and to see what the ancient aloes had done. Bookshelf, and I want to see what books are out of print. It turned out that although Kangxi was cruel and vicious, he was fond of reading. After he killed his father, Huai Heart disease, originally did not dare to come to the house of Concubine Dong E (Xiao Wan), but later heard the old palace people say that Concubine Dong E had a lot of books and bookcases. The ledge is especially precious, and the heart is eager to move. These days, after the death of Duoduo, he was upset and wanted to find some books to amuse himself, so he came in. Here we go. In addition, he was afraid that the late emperor would have a testamentary edict to stay here (the succession to the throne in the Qing Dynasty was not in the order of age, but by the emperor The emperor left a testamentary edict, designated one, usually placed in the main beam of the Great Light Hall, but such a testamentary edict is mostly the emperor's old age,calcium ammonium nitrate price, or self-awareness. When the disease will not be able to afford, it is prepared. Shunzhi suddenly became a monk, and Kangxi was ordered by the Empress Dowager to succeed him, so he was sick in his heart and was afraid to prevent Shunzhi from writing. The testamentary edict was not placed in the Great Hall of Light, but was left somewhere. In fact, it was not there.) So by the way, I came to search it, although he was now Now that he was firmly in power, even if he had a testamentary edict to pass on to others, he was not afraid,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, but the general defense would leave a handle, which would be disadvantageous to himself. Kangxi opened the desk drawer, rummaged through it, stood up, and said with a smile, "Let me look at these bookcase ledges to see what they are." What's a good way? Mao Huanlian pinched the sword tightly and broke out in a cold sweat. She thought to herself, If he comes over, I will give him a sword. Exactly: I miss my dead mother at the sight of things, and there is a murder hidden in the palace. Want to know what happened? Please listen to the explanation in the next installment. Xiaoxiang Academy · Liang Yusheng's "Seven Swords to Tianshan Mountain" — — Chapter 17 Seeing Paintings and Thinking of People, Braving Huanlian's Heart-breaking Inner Garden, Breaking into Prison with Charms, Ling Weifeng Exploring Heaven Prison at Night Chapter 17 of Liang Yusheng's Seven Swords to Tianshan Mountain Seeing Paintings and Thinking of People, Mao Huanlian's Heart Hurts Inner Garden Kangxi stood up and was about to review Dong Xiaowan's collection of books. Facing the portrait on the wall, he suddenly felt Dong Xiaowan's mouth on the painting. With a sneer and a pair of eyes that seemed to roll. With a shiver, he stopped and said to Wei, "You put that." Tear down the picture! Mao Huanlian hid in the back of the cupboard, her blood rushing. Seeing the bodyguard slowly approaching the portrait of the dead mother, five claws like hooks, to the portrait. With a loud cry, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, Mao Huanlian jumped out and stabbed the bodyguard with a sword. The bodyguard was really good at kung fu. He suddenly felt the sound of the golden blade splitting the wind. It came from the back of his head. He turned around and took a chair. In the hand, the "whoosh" swept past. As soon as Mao Huanlian's sword waved, the purple rainbow flew, and the four legs of the chair were broken first! That name With a loud shout from Wei, the chair was thrown out, and Mao Huanlian's horizontal sword split the chair in half, lowering his head and avoiding the debris. Sword edge a collar, the tip of the sword spit out, a "cross elbow stab", a sword, toward the running enemy wrist cut, the bodyguard. He twisted his body and his wrist was stabbed by the tip of the sword. He shouted like a thunderbolt, his body together, his fists exchanged blows, and he turned to the ears of Mao Huanlian. Beat. When Mao Huanlian saw that he was coming with a ferocious force, she had a plan. Suddenly, she leapt sideways, her sword moves like a string, and suddenly stabbed Kangxi! Kang Xi Jian With a cry, he threw himself on the ground, rolled over and hid under the dressing table. Did the bodyguard know when Mao Huanlian jumped obliquely? Miao hurriedly turned around and heard the sound of the emperor screaming, thinking that he had been plotted by the assassin. This surprise is no small matter, spell sex. Life, hands open, and the body rushed. Mao Huanlian flashed lightly, and the bodyguard only cared about saving people. He fished in front of his right palm and responded to the enemy with his left palm. The material was empty, only to feel a strange pain to the bone, the left palm has been cut off by Mao Huanlian's sword! The bodyguard was proficient in the eighteen long fists outside the pass. In terms of martial arts, he should be above Mao Huanlian. Only Mao Huanlian holds the sword, and He also wants to take care of the emperor, the left palm is broken, although still desperate to intercept, is no longer the enemy, but a few strokes, Mao Huanlian took advantage of his wild. When he rushed, he took a detour, flashed behind him, and with a backhand sword, he passed through the front heart from the back heart, poking him through a transparent hole. Mao Huanlian took a chair cushion, wiped the blood on the sword, carefully removed the portrait of his dead mother, rolled it up, and pointed to the sword. "Come out!" He shouted. Under the dressing table, Kangxi heard that the bodyguard had been killed, and his whole body was cold. He expected that he would die today. Instead, he crossed his heart. Calm, drilled out, rebuke: "Do you dare to kill the king?" Mao Huanlian smiled coldly. She waved her sword in front of Kangxi and said, "Killing you is like killing a pig. What's the cost?" Strength? Kangxi snorted and said, "You won't be able to leave the palace alive." Mao Huanlian thought of Yi Lanzhu in prison, the tip of the sword. Pointing, but not stabbing, he scolded in a low voice, "Do you want to spare your life?" "How's it going?" Asked Kangxi. "You must first," said Mao Huanlian. Let the female thief out of the prison! And send me out of the palace! As soon as Kangxi thought about it, he sniggered in his heart: This female thief is really a baby. I promised to let her go. Can you go out and spy on her? As soon as I get out of control, the master will kill you alive. Thought about it on purpose For a moment he said, "The Son of Heaven is not joking. I'll write down the imperial decree right away and ask someone to let her go. Can you rest assured?" Mao Huanlian pointed to the sword and said coldly, "I know what you're up to. If I die in the palace,Magnesium Oxide price, it will be cool and refreshing." The old monk of the temple will chant sutras for me. Kangxi's face suddenly changed. "What old monk?" He scolded. "Yes," said Mao Huanlian with a sneer. What old monk? I'm so confused. The old monk has already died. He can't chant sutras. Suddenly he took out a string of pearls from his bosom. "This string of pearls belongs to the master of this house," the old monk said. "The old monk was kind enough to use it before he died.