A Record of Crossing the Village Door

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Think of doing, Li Xiaohe carefully designed several groups of bear patterns, ready to make a small purse.

Xia Shi wanted to make the purse earlier, so he urged Li Donglin to find a time to go to Ping'an Town and get the flowers in his uncle's shop. Li Donglin laughed at her for being too impatient: "What time is it?"? "My brother-in-law hasn't come back yet." Xia Shi thought that he was so careless that he forgot to ask his second brother when he returned to town. He also thought that most shops were open on the fifth day of the first lunar month, and it should be almost the same. So on the eighth day, he pulled Li Donglin and took Li Xiaohe and Ah Fu to Ping'an Town as early as possible. Before I left, I went to my little aunt's house to ask Li Xiaolan. As a result, I said that I would go to the town to watch the Lantern Festival on the 15th, so I won't go with you today. To the town, most of the shops have opened their doors to do business, and some food stalls are more people, Xia is in a good mood, to Li Xiaohe and Ah Fu bought a string of ice-sugar gourds. Uncle's grocery store was already open. Uncle was talking to a guest. Mrs. Chou smiled and took them to the back of the store. Li Xiaohe came to my uncle's shop for the first time. Behind it was a small courtyard with three rooms. The courtyard is not big, the layout is simple and generous, there is a small wooden table, beside which there are several small bamboo chairs. Zhou Shi went into the room and brought out a bamboo chair for several people to sit down, then made tea for Li Donglin and his wife, and brought a plate of jelly beans to greet Li Xiaohe and Ah Fu to eat. After a while, the uncle came in, took a stack of flowers to Xia Shi, and took a few purses to Xia Shi to see, "This kind of purse is made of good silk,endless swim pool, plus this delicate embroidery, can sell ten cents a.". This kind of material is almost the same, but if it is embroidered well, it can be sold for five cents. You can do this first, the fine cloth sold on the market, the pattern is also simple, although only one can be sold for three cents, but do a few more,whirlpool hot tub spa, it is the same. Xia Shi looked at every purse carefully and thought about it in his heart. The cost of silks and satins was too high, so he definitely didn't do this. I have to work on weekdays, so I can't just do this embroidery work in one day. The pattern is simple and just right. Although this purse can only be sold for three cents, the embroidery work is not complicated, and it is really more profitable to do more. The heart has decided to listen to the second brother's advice. Li Xiaohe stretched out his hand to take a look at the purse and was clapped off by Xia Shi. She pursed her lips and looked at the delicate embroidery work on the small purse, the lifelike hibiscus flowers, the vivid kitten flapping the ball, and even the cheapest purse with three pieces of money, the curly grass pattern embroidered on it was exquisite in color transition, and the stitches were as neat as modern machine work. The most abominable thing was that it only sold three pieces of money. No wonder Xia Shi is not surprised that she can make a patchwork bag, compared with this, that is a child's thing! Li Xiaohe is dead. It seems that what he thinks is too simple. Who the ***. Said with modern knowledge through. You're sure to make money? A bunch of big liars! Li Xiaohe mourned in his heart the silver that had left him, and even the rags that his uncle had said he would give her "a little" turned into a big bag, which failed to make her feel better. What's the use? No one buys her craft. Compared with Li Xiaohe's listlessness, best whirlpool tub ,outdoor hot tub, Xia Shi was like playing chicken blood, running to several shops all the way, carefully selecting cloth embroidery thread. Fortunately, she remembered to compare several shops and pick out the most reasonable price to buy. Ping'an Town is very big, and it is also during the New Year's Day, so it is very lively. Li Xiaohe saw a dough figurine, painted sugar painting, but Xia did not allow her to look closely, even a few streets are not finished, urged a few people to rush home. From that day on, Xia Shi made purses whenever she had time, and she would wash her hands carefully before doing it. Li Xiaohe wanted to help her do simple things like sewing, but she waved her hand and drove away flies. "Didn't your uncle give you a bag of rags?"? Do your own thing. Li Xiaohe has no motivation and doesn't want to do it very much. Wu Mei, however, pulled Li Xiaohe and hesitated several times before asking her, "Second Sister, please make two purses for me.". ” Li Xiaohe looked at her and agreed. "What do you want?" He asked her. The dark plum wanted to say: "Any kind of look is OK," feel again so do not have a requirement is more difficult, say: "This cloth bag is very good like this!" These three sisters from the cloth bag, basically every day on the back, especially the Chinese New Year, with it, loaded snacks and so on many aspects, and the bag is big, loaded more! Li Xiaohe is very happy about his sister's request, after all, there are still people who like his works! She thought about it, chose a set of fabrics, and made a purse according to the shape of the cabin. When I finished it, I saw that it was more appropriate to make such a pattern into a pillow. It's better to make such a small thing into an animal element, which is cute. Think of doing, Li Xiaohe carefully designed several groups of bear patterns, ready to make a small purse. Spent a few days, finished Li Xiaohe himself is also very satisfied, dark plum is which all love. She touched the little bear's ear on the purse and pinched the soft bear's paw on the purse. Oh, here is a round little tail. Li Xiaohe looked at her tangled face and waved her little hand, "Give it all to you!" With her eyes shining, Wu Mei jumped up and hugged Li Xiaohe and asked, "Really?"? Really After seeing Li Xiaohe nod, she rests the head on Li Xiaohe shoulder, flatters: "The second elder sister, you are too good, I like you most." It was probably the purse that opened the vent of Wumei's emotions. That night, she shared a quilt with Li Xiaohe and quietly said to Li Xiaohe: "After the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, I will go to Wang Shanren's house in the town to be a servant girl." Li Xiaohe is astonied: "Why?" Wu Mei hurriedly pulled up the quilt and covered both of them. Then she said to Li Xiaohe,Chinese spa manufacturer, "Keep your voice down." Then she gently put down the quilt and listened, but there was no movement. Then she put her head into the quilt and said, "My mother said that I have no father. The land of the big cave will be left to my brother in the future. She also has no money to prepare a dowry for me. Let me be a servant girl and save money for my own dowry." 。 monalisa.com