Ulysses -A handful of earth from the Holy Land

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A handful of earth from the Holy Land. [156] Only the mother and the stillborn child are buried in the same coffin.

He had seen many people buried in his life, lying in the ground around him. Sacred ground. If it is buried vertically, it will certainly save some space. Sitting or kneeling positions can not be saved. Stand and bury? [142] If the earth were to sink one day, his head would probably come out of the ground and his hand would point somewhere. The bottom of the ground must all be honeycombed, made up of rectangular honeycombs. And he kept the cemetery very tidy: he pushed the lawn and trimmed the edges. Major Gamble [143] calls this Mount Jerome his own garden. Yeah, it is. Sleeping flowers should be planted. Mattiansky [144] once told me that there were huge poppies growing in the tombs of China, and that it was possible to collect high-grade opium. The botanical garden is just ahead. It is the blood that invades the soil that gives new life. It is said that the Jews killed Christian boys with this idea in mind. [145] People have different prices. Well-maintained, fat corpses, gentlefolk, gourmets, are priceless to the orchard. There is now the body of William Wilkinson (auditor and accountant),whirlpool bathtub, recently deceased, at a bargain price of three pounds thirteen shillings and sixpence. Thank you. I dare say that with these corpses, bones, flesh and nails, the soil will be very fertile. The morgues. It's creepy. It's all rotting,hot tub wholesale, turning green and pink. In wet soil, it also rots quickly. Skinny old people don't rot so easily. Then it turns into something like tallow, like cheese. Then it began to turn black and ooze a syrupy black liquid. Finally shriveled up. Skeleton Moth [146]. Of course, the cells, or whatever else they are, will continue to live. Constantly changing. In fact, matter is immortal. If you don't have nutrients, you suck them from yourself. But it will breed a lot of maggots. There are indeed swarms of maggots wriggling in the soil. It makes your cloud head turn. Those pretty little girls on the beach. [147] He watched it all with satisfaction. It gave him a sense of power to think that everyone else had been buried before him. I don't know how he looks at life. One joke after another popped out of his mouth, jacuzzi manufacturers ,garden jacuzzi tub, warming the folds of his heart. There is a joke about a death bulletin: "Spurgeon set out for heaven at four this morning.". It is now 11 pm (closing time) and has not yet arrived. Peter. [148] "As for the deceased himself, the man likes to hear a funny joke, and the woman wants to know what is the latest.". Have a juicy pear, or a ladies' punch [149], hot and strong and sweet. It can keep damp. You have to laugh sometimes, so you might as well do this. The Founders in Hamlet [150]. It shows a profound understanding of the human mind. As for the dead, I dare not make fun of them for at least two years. Don't say anything about the dead except the past. [151] Wait until after the mourning period. It's hard to imagine what his own funeral will be like. It's like a joke. They said that if they read their obituaries, they would live longer. Rejuvenate you and add a lifetime to your life. How many files do you have tomorrow? The administrator asked. "Two gears," said Corny Kelleher, "half past ten and eleven." The administrator put the bill in his pocket. The cart stopped. The mourners spread out and walked carefully around the bushes to the sides of the tomb. The grave digger brought the coffin over, lowered the front of the coffin against the edge of the grave, and put a rope around the coffin. It's time to bury him. We've come to bury Caesar. His mid-March or mid-June [152]. He didn't know who was there, and he didn't care. Who's that tall, skinny fool over there in a rubberized raincoat? I'd like to know. If someone had told me, I would have given a small gift. There's always someone you'll never see again. A man can spend his life alone. Yes, he can. Although he could dig a grave for himself, he still had to rely on someone to build the earth for him after he died. We all do. Only human beings are buried after death. No, ants are buried too. This is the first thing that comes to anyone's mind. Bury the remains. It is said that Robinson Crusoe lived a life of submission to nature. But he was buried by Friday. [154] Speaking of which, every Friday is a Thursday. Oh, poor Robinson Crusoe! How could you do that? [155] Poor Dignam! This is his last time. On the ground, in a casket. The thought of all those dead people is really like trampling on wood. It's all eaten away by insects. They could invent a beautiful corpse rack with a skateboard, and the corpse would slide down like that. Ah, they may not want to be buried with instruments that have been used by others. They are very picky. Bury me in the soil of my hometown. A handful of earth from the Holy Land. [156] Only the mother and the stillborn child are buried in the same coffin. I understand what it means. I understand. In order to protect the baby for as many days as possible even after burial. An Irishman's home is his coffin. The use of embalming spices in the catacombs is the same as the idea of mummies. Mr Bloom stood in the back with his hat, counting the heads that had taken off their hats. Twelve. I am the thirteenth. No, the guy in the tape raincoat is the thirteenth. An ominous number. Where the hell did that guy come out of nowhere? I swear, he wasn't in the chapel. The superstition of thirteen [158] is nonsense. Ned Lambert's suit was made of soft fine tweed, a little purple in tone. I had one of these when we lived on Lombard Street West. He used to be a well-dressed man,massage bathtub manufacturers, often changing into three sets of clothes every day. My grey clothes must be altered by Messias. Why, his suit was dyed before. His wife-oh, I forgot he was a bachelor-maybe the owner of the apartment should take the lint off for him. 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