Live on your face [wear it quickly]

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When a big ship approached, Shen Mian looked over and snorted, "He's coming.". Brother, you go quickly. This is my enmity with him.

When a big ship approached, Shen Mian looked over and snorted, "He's coming.". Brother, you go quickly. This is my enmity with him. I want to end it by myself. I don't want to involve you. "Ming Xuan, no matter who you have a grudge against, your brother will help you. Come down obediently." Shen Mian looked down at him, still shaking his head, and said sadly, "Brother, what's the difference between you and them? You like this face and this body. You want to turn me into your possession, but I.." But can't I just be myself? I am clearly, just Shen Mingxuan, but you must engrave other labels on my body, I am a person, not an object, I will also hurt ah. Too far away, no one could see his expression, but the voice was really unbearable. Huo Qian stepped on the ship, dressed in cold black clothes, and saw the men who betrayed him. He raised his hand and fired a few shots. The men had broken their legs and fell to their knees. Huo Xian frowned, "this is the mother's meaning, they are all obedient." Huo Qian said, "I know it was my mother's idea, but my eldest brother betrayed me.". You go. I'll take care of the rest. Huo Xian was silent for a moment and said, "This child is really innocent. If it's possible, it's better to let him go." Then he got off the boat first. Huo Qian looked at the boy sitting on the mast, smiled and said, "Little fellow,cold drawn tubes, are you a monkey? How can you climb so high? Jump down and I'll catch you." He opened his arms, as if he was sure that the boy would return to his arms, but his deep eyes were rippling, and he was afraid that something was beyond his control. Shen Mian tilted his head and looked at him with a smile and said, "Huo Qian, everyone says that Third Master Huo is terrible, because you are too strong. You are cold-blooded and terrible, just like the most indestructible wall. No one can let you shake it.". But I don't think so. You have a weakness. Huo Qian raised his eyebrows and said, "My weakness?" Shen Mian nodded. He pointed to himself and said, "Me." Huo Qian couldn't help laughing and said, "Are you going to hurt yourself to deal with me?" Shen Mian nodded,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, shook his head again and said, "If I jump down, can you really catch me?"? I don't believe it. "Ming Xuan," Shen Mingcheng looked at him and said slowly, "Don't do anything stupid. My brother knows that you have suffered a lot of grievances. My brother has also made mistakes. But that's all over. Let's start again." "You don't know," said Shen Mian, "you don't know how much I've been wronged. You don't know anything. I can't go back, my body. Become very strange, I hate Huo Qian so much, but crazy desire him, he touched me, I am wet below, can not see him, I am eager to be played by him all the time, want to let him all in, I do not know what to do. Brother, I'm sick. I'm very sick. I can't be cured. Shen Mingcheng was dying of heartache. He clenched his fists and endured the violence. "Everything will pass," he said. "I will help you." Shen Mian shook his head and said, "You can't help me. I want to end all this by myself." He stood on the mast, beam impact tubes ,impact beam tubes, opened his arms, looked at Huo Qian, his eyes seemed to ask, can you really catch me? The mast is not very high, also the height of two or three stories, if Huo Qian catches him, then the man himself is bound to be injured, if Huo Qian does not catch him, he is either dead or disabled. He jumped down. The river was stormy, but the boat was eerily quiet, waiting with bated breath. In fact, it was only a matter of a moment, he fell between Huo Qian's arms, the man's arm strength is really strong, forced to catch him, but also frowned, arm slightly unnaturally trembling, is still firmly holding him in his arms. Shen Mian looked at him and said, "Look, I said your weakness is me. Are you wrong?" Huo Qian lowered his eyes, a dark pistol against his heart, in the night with a cold light, the surrounding Huo family immediately pointed the gun at the boy in his arms, but the boy gently bent his lips, a pair of bright eyes looking straight at him, as if he did not care about being shot into a sieve. "How dare you shoot?" Asked Huo Qian. "I dare," said Shen Mian. He turned his head and looked at Shen Mingcheng. "Why aren't you leaving?" He asked. "Are you going to be buried with me?" "All right," said Shen Ming-cheng. ” "But I don't want you to be buried with me at all," said Shen Mian. "Don't forget that you coerced me at first. In my eyes, you are all equally hateful!" "Ming Xuan." "You are the most abominable, you are more abominable than Huo Qian, he is bad and open and aboveboard, but you, how can there be a brother like you in the world?" Shen Mian looked at him and said in a very serious tone, "So don't die with me." Pushing Huo Qian to the edge of the deck, the river below was turbulent, like a roaring beast. Shen Mian said, "My father taught us two brothers from an early age that if we draw a gun, we must see blood, because a gun is not something to frighten people, but something to kill people." Huo Qian looked at him as if he were looking at some precious treasure. His eyes were full of soft color. "It's not bad to die at your hands," he said. He raised his eyes and said, "Don't shoot anyone. Don't hurt him." "It's no use to me," said Shen Mian. "Huo Qian, I've told you before. If you fall into the hands of the young master one day, I'll make you miserable." Huo Qian looked at him. The child was as clean and beautiful as when he first saw him. His face was white and flawless. It was as delicate and beautiful as a porcelain doll. His peach blossom eyes were shining, pure and charming. He was fascinated at first sight. "Yes, you did," he chuckled. "I never want to see you again," said Shen Mian. But Huo Qian shook his head and said, "I still want to see you. I can't see you in this life. I will go to see you in the next life. I will treat you well in the next life, not bully you, and make you angry, OK?" Shen Mian stared at him, time seemed to stop at this moment, but Shen Mingcheng quietly approached, Shen Mian seemed to feel something, he pulled the trigger violently, but his finger moved in an instant, only hurt the man's arm. Huo Qian was stupefied, but he saw the boy beside him fall back, across a very beautiful arc,aluminium coated tubes, and fall into the river. His arm had been injured before, and he was shot again. He could only watch the child fall from his side, splashing a splash. Ming Xuan- "Shen Mingcheng stepped forward and jumped into the water.".